Trim Optimization at Model AG - Joint SAP and T.CON Webinar

The global paper and packaging industry has been deeply affected by digital media and paperless technology. Differentiation is key in this state of transition. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging digital technologies.

Plattling, April 4, 2019

Find out in our free webinar how T.CON’s trim optimization solution TRIM SUITE can help boost your business. Running natively and fully integrated in SAP®, it gives you flexibility to produce optimum quantities. You will hear firsthand from one of our customers, Model AG, on how they achieved true optimization by automatically creating patterns and cutting plans, hence reducing trim loss and waste. A live TRIM demo will highlight TRIM SUITE’s full saving potential.

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April 8th 2019 

PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) - 8 am

EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) - 11am

CET (Central European Time) - 5 pm


  • Alfred Becker (SAP®l Global Lead - Solution Management for Plastics, Paper, Packaging Industries)
  • Christian Baum (Model AG l Team Leader Business Applications)
  • Gerhard Göbel (T.CON l Senior Consultant SCM)


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