Utzenstorf Papier is boosting its customer service competence with T.CON TRIM SUITE

Plattling, September 6, 2016

photo source: http://utzenstorf-papier.ch

The Swiss paper manufacturer Utzenstorf Papier has recently made a decision to move from manual planning to using the T.CON TRIM SUITE cutting waste optimization solution in its production process. Utzenstorf has thus laid another strategic “IT stone” in the foundation for developing their operations towards a Smart Factory.

T.CON TRIM SUITE has been specially designed for optimizing cutting plans and cutting blade positions for paper roll materials. The automated optimization of paper cutting processes will not only enable an optimal positioning of customer orders, but also minimize the amount of cutting waste.  

Thanks to the reduction of edge trim, i.e. waste, T.CON TRIM SUITE offers Utzenstorf a potential for substantial savings. T.CON TRIM SUITE allows urgent customer assignments to be handled quickly and efficiently thanks to its agile adjustment of cutting plans, which is likely to boost customer satisfaction levels. Looking at the technical side of things, Utzenstorf appreciates the fact that T.CON TRIM SUITE runs within the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning solution they are using. This will allow any changes or new grade runs to be implemented quickly and fluently. Thanks also to the easy-to-use UI and the minimal training time required by T.CON TRIM SUITE, the production planner will be able to continue working comfortably and efficiently with their customary working solutions.  

Utzenstorf Papier, founded in 1892, combines its long history in paper making with an innovative approach. Starting as early as the 1960s, Utzenstorf has been investing in waste paper processing and recycling. The construction of a new waste paper processing plant in 1995 marked a significant milestone in the history of the company. Since then, the Utzenstorf quality paper types contain up to 100 percent recycled paper. 25 percent of household waste paper in Switzerland is currently processed by Utzenstorf Papier.  

Thanks to their investments in modern technology, Utzenstorf is capable of producing high-quality newsprint paper, which is mainly sold in Switzerland and within the EU market. "MONA" and "LISA", the two Utzenstorf paper machines, produce more than 200 000 tons of paper annually.  Looking at the IT technology side of things, Utzenstorf has been using the SAP ERP and T.CON Manufacturing Execution System CAT (MES CAT) since 2010. T.CON MES CAT collects all the data accrued in the production process, thus ensuring transparency and traceability throughout all the fabrication steps and product types.  

Source: utzenstorf-papier.ch

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