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Pm-tech GmbH is a young engineering company with a main focus on smart solutions for production and service. More than 20 years of experience in machine- and plant manufacturing help us to understand the needs of machine manufacturers and their clients. Using most modern technologies enable new possibilities and will revolutionize whole industries. Make sure that you are a trendsetter in that area and let us present you this solutions.

Solutions for maintenance support by means of smart glasses.

In the event of machine malfunctions, the operator connects on site using smart glasses with an expert via a remote connection. The expert can see the situation on-site on his PC and can use different tools to guide the operator on-site to solve the problem. In addition to a bidirectional audio-video stream, the expert has a virtual laser pointer as well as the possibility to send documents and snapshots with annotations to the smart glasses. On the smart glasses, this information, will be superimposed with augmented reality with reality, similar to a head-up display in a car. Furthermore, it is possible with the smart glasses to record videos about standard work from the perspective of the operator and retrieve when needed. This feature is complemented by pre-defined step-by-step instructions that guide the operator through standard maintenance.

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