MES Services

MES Services

Our MES-Services: Smooth implementation and continuous, trouble-free operation

All the support you need around T.CON's MES CAT to make it YOUR MES CAT

Designing your MES introduction, implementation, training, maintenance and support: We have your back and ensure your every need is covered from beginning to end. We support you with a full range of services to ensure smooth and effective implementation and continuous trouble-free operation. Our experts offer a multitude of skills, functional and technical, to provide you with an integrated MES experience.

MES CAT SAP Integration - T.CON

SAP Integration - You can trust SAP standards

SAP is the world leader as enterprise software solution. T.CON’s MES CAT fully utilizes the SAP’s infrastructure to maximize the value for our customers. MES CAT runs as a native SAP application. As an open source application we give our customers complete control. Find out how you can benefit from the advantages our fully integrated MES CAT offers.



System Interfacing - T.CON

System Interfacing

Being able to connect any aggregate is what guarantees the success of a future oriented MES system. The system was designed for runtime data to be automatically transferred, which reduces errors caused by manual input. Processes can be triggered automatically by events, that enables reliable analysis using a larger pool of process data.

Using our competencies in this area, we guide our customers through the digital transformation. Our portfolio includes all common technologies. For example, the bi-directional connection of machines, scales, laboratory and measuring instruments or high rack warehouse controls.


MES CAT Supplemental developments - T.CON

Supplemental MES Developments - An MES custom tailored to your needs

No two companies are the same - so why should their Manufacturing Execution Systems be identical? We have our customer's individual needs at heart.

With custom functions, your MES system is tailored directly to your needs. Do you have specific requirements for your MES system? Our development department expands MES CAT by customizing functionality and processes. For this purpose, our developers ensure release safety of the new functionalities or processes and the compatibility to your ERP system or other connected systems.

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MES CAT Training - T.CON

MES CAT Training - Enabling all users to navigate our MES with ease

For us at T.CON, it is key that our customers are comfortable and proficient using MES CAT. Therefore, we include our customer from the start and utilize a train the trainer concept during the implementation to ensure the team is capable. Curious? Find out more about our training strategies.



MES CAT 24/7 Support - T.CON

24/7 MES Support: We are there for you to ensure the smooth operation of your MES - anytime!

Does your production run 24 hours per day? You cannot afford the failure of your MES system? The MES specialists of our support team are available 24/7 to be of service to you and your employees.

They thoroughly know your production environment and the processes in the MES system and can provide support fast and effectively without significant clarification requirements. Flexible service level agreements (SLA) ensure shortest reaction times.



MES CAT Maintenance - T.CON

MES Maintenance - Always have the latest and greatest MES system at your fingertips

In order to stay ahead of the digital transformation, MES CAT continues to grow. Our customers, can always choose to access to most up to date version of MES CAT free of charge. Due to our unique architecture, this can be done without disturbing your company or location specific customizations



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