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MES CAT maintenance- T.CON

MES maintenance

Keep up-to-date and don’t lose productivity due to downtimes

If you have a car, you know how it goes: at regular intervals, your car has to be checked thoroughly to confirm it's in roadworthy condition. In Germany, a label on your number plate tells you when the next check-up is due. You don’t hesitate to book your car into your trusted garage, where it's checked out by an independent expert. And what goes for your car should also go for your IT. You need to get your hardware and software checked out at regular intervals. After all, you don’t want unnecessary system downtime any more than you want to get stuck with a malfunctioning car.

Production downtimes upset your customers, damage your reputation, and increase your costs. Let the T.CON experts keep your MES system up to date with the latest functions and releases. Continuous maintenance and regular checks of your hardware and software ensure your downtimes are kept to a minimum.

Advantages for you:

  • Unternehmerische und finanzielle Sicherheit
  • Planbare IT-Kosten
  • Regelmäßige Updates
  • Weiterentwicklungen unserer Software
  • Neue Features und Innovationen

You can manage your service and response times, and establish procedures for maintenance work and technical problems.

MES CAT supplementary development  - T.CON

Supplementary development

Every industry has its own special requirements. If you run up against limitations within the SAP standard framework, you can get your MES system custom tailored with individual features for your individual requirements. Customizing means making your daily work easier and saving you time.

For example, new machines and aggregates can easily be integrated or the language can be changed. It is also possible to introduce enhancements (user exits) and functionalities without having to modify the SAP system and make upgrades more difficult.  

Our development department extends your MES CAT with additional functions and processes. At the same time, our developers ensure compatibility for current and future versions with your ERP system or other connected systems.


MES CAT training courses | T.CON

MES training courses

Basic understanding forms the foundation for user acceptance

Before you get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, the driving instructor shows you where the accelerator and brakes are. He or she explains how to start the car, and where to find the various functions. The instructor then sits next to you during your driving lessons, and guides you.

Our MES training courses operate rather like your first driving lessons: our experts combine theory and practice. Only once the user has understood properly how their MES system works, can they start to lose their fear of the new system. We already include the Key Users during the project phase. They can try out all the features on a demo system, and then test them on their own systems.

Why? The reason is simple: The Key Users work intensively with internal processes — they can optimize them and provide valuable input. Shortly before going live, the T.CON experts — or your own Key Users — hold training sessions for the end users. We work beforehand with the Key Users to create a training schedule, documentation, and other tools in order to ensure successful training. The end user is then equipped to resolve future questions.

Advantages for you:

  • Small groups for better learning success
  • Exchange with other users
  • Tailored content
  • Individual training contents
  • Direct help via web demo

Our training offer includes:

  • User training
  • Basic training
  • Individual and role-based training
  • Web demos


MES CAT 24/7 Support - T.CON

24/7 Support

System failure — what now?

You start your shift and notice that although production is running, neither the material usage nor the reports are being logged. If the IT comes to a halt, then so does the whole company. In situations like this, it’s important that you have an emergency plan known to all Key Users, so that you can ensure the right steps are taken.

After all, if your production system runs 24/7, you need your MES system to be available 24/7 too. Unscheduled downtimes are costly and can have ramifications that extend far beyond just the production department. Customer services have to postpone deliveries. The shipping department is waiting for goods. In fact: Most of your staff just can't do their job.

Advantages for you:

  • Short reaction times
  • Fast remote access
  • Security — thanks to our experts’ up-to-date knowledge
  • Planning reliability
  • Reduction in personnel costs

Our service offer for your individual requirements comprises first, second and third level support. Our service staff have secure remote access to your system — regardless of whether your company is located in Germany, elsewhere in Europe, or anywhere in the world! Our customer care services also include monitoring for your ERP integration and logging updates in your SAP ERP system, not to mention various minor adaptations for your system. We offer training courses tailored to your business: making your employees fit, for example after system implementations.


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