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Our industries

Solutions and products tailored to your sector.

We have been installing SAP systems and solutions for diverse businesses for many years. Thanks to longstanding industry experience, we are familiar with the various business and production environments and their challenges. We help you to keep production and planning in focus alongside the operative dimension of your business.

Our expertise in the mill industry is unique worldwide. We optimize and digitalize processes for foil, paper, packaging, textiles and metalworking businesses – always directly in SAP.

We also put our experiences to good work in applied industries, and in particular sectors where large numbers of variations and complex production processes require multi-stage planning processes. Engineering and the automotive sector are two such sectors.



If your business manufactures components to customer requirements and produces large numbers of variations, you’ve come to the right place. We are the perfect partner if you need to sustain a high level of standardization despite continuous new, customer-specific requirements. Our process knowledge and software solutions ensure that production remains efficient.

For example, we can help you with optimal plant utilization plans, with trim and waste minimization, or with quick, accurate costing for complex products across their whole lifecycle, taking production planning into account. We have developed our templates for certain sectors: our industry-specific accessory packages for your SAP landscape will save you time and costs right from the start of your project – and even more later.

Paper and plastic sheeting industry

Experts in reels and sheets

Products manufactured for the paper, plastic sheeting and metal industry may not seem much alike at first glance. However, strong metal sheets, plastic bubble wrap and toilet paper do have something in common: they are manufactured according to the same process. Enterprises in the metal industry, just like producers of paper or plastic sheeting, produce reels from a flow of liquefied raw material.

Other types of enterprise, such as the woodworking industry, meat producers, weaving mills and some textile producers also work with reels and sheets. The umbrella term for all these industries is the mill industry – and here at T.CON, we are specialists in the mill industry.


We have an understanding of the mill industry that is unique in the world. Indeed, our branch expertise has been recognized by SAP SE with the certificate “SAP Recognized Expertise in the mill products industry in Germany”. Very few partners anywhere in the world can boast a similar certificate.

We have longstanding industry experience, and are familiar with the business and production environments in this sector, and their challenges. Our competence is a combination of our amassed experience built up through numerous similar projects, and our technology and SAP expertise. We work with you to develop solutions that can be integrated with SAP and are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the mill industry.




For example, our ERP software package SMART FOR MILL. It is based on processes optimized for SAP S/4HANA and comprises applications for all aspects of producing goods with various widths or lengths , using diverse materials. The applications cover the business and economic processes for producers of reels and sheets: From development to procurement, through planning, production, quality management, maintenance, sales and shipping, all the way to integrated accounting. Every function has been tailored to meet the needs of the mill industry.

TRIM SUITE is another product of our lengthy industry expertise: Based on real projects, we have developed algorithms that companies now use to minimize waste.

The companies always work directly in their SAP systems, which minimizes integration costs and reduces the chance of interface problems. Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your business processes and give you real added value with a rapid ROI.

Manufacturing Industry

Partner for processes

Do you develop components based on customer requirements, meaning you have to produce a wide variety of variations and manage a vast vertical range? Do you aim to achieve a high level of standardization for your components, but find you have to keep reacting to individual customer requests? We have built up experience of this kind of issue through numerous real projects.

Consequently, we are the perfect partner to support manufacturing companies along the road to digitalization. You can rely on our process knowledge and software solutions to keep your production efficient and profitable, despite the increasingly complex requests.

We know that it’s not really effective for value creation if you only model a few selected work stages in your digital systems – and so we take into account processes in logistics, HR, finance, production, quality, IT and controlling. As experts, working from an owner-operated SME, we can offer you all-round support, without missing any of the fine detail.

If you have not yet installed a SAP system, we’ll work together to develop your route map to digitalization. Together, we’ll build a digital model of your value creation processes – agile, open to outcomes. Then let us take full responsibility for the technical implementation.

If you are already using SAP, we will work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your system. We’ll optimize your workflows based on our best-in-class process expertise. We also have a whole range of smart solutions that can improve your SAP systems – for example, relating to product lifecycle costing. Our users include automotive suppliers, who use our products to create overview evaluations of their business cases across all their locations and business segments.

Managers can generate valid, informative data about planned and actual costs or the prices in your quotes. We may be in a world of constantly changing and increasingly complex customer requirements, but with our tools, you can plan and manage your business evolution in every detail.

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