Automotive suppliers – moving targets

The advantage for automotive suppliers is a requirement for large quantities for one model for some years. However, this is only one side of the coin. There is no other sector where the supplier is involved as closely, or as much in real time, in the customer’s manufacturing processes. Your automotive supply enterprise faces the ongoing challenge of coordinating business processes and adapting them flexibly to these dynamic changes.

Crystalline calculations

Change is a characteristic of the automotive market. New drive technologies, new business segments such as car-sharing, new themes (think self-driving cars), etc. For you, this means new challenges and high demands.

As an OEM or supplier, you need to keep your eye on the ball, be innovative and react quickly. Off-the-peg solutions are of no use in the automotive industry. At the same time, even when you’re busy developing complex customer-specific solutions, you can’t drop the ball on costs – easy to do when you need to respond to calls for tenders faster than ever, and your customers are requesting products that don’t yet exist.

Automotive suppliers need to make good decisions

You can rely on our expertise and products to guarantee that you make the correct decisions. For example, automotive suppliers rely on our PLC-COCKPIT to calculate costs for a product throughout its lifecycle. Right from the early production stages, you can keep your eye on the overall cost evolution and plan for fluctuations.

With our expertise and support, you can also plan and manage production economically for other process steps – directly in SAP. The result: transparency and clarity.

From framework agreement to material purchase approval

Let’s illustrate how our solutions can help you with an example: An order has just been placed. Conditions have been defined based on an agreed framework, and you have material purchase approval for a certain number of units. You have guaranteed your customer delivery of a defined quantity within a specific timeframe. Now you need a reliable production planning system. You need tools to give you a clear picture of what’s going on in the production halls. We also give you evaluation tools, so that you can check that you’re on track at all times.

Supply on-demand and documented quality

Another example: Perhaps you regularly receive the latest calls for delivery through EDI, and deliver exactly what your customers need at short notice. You can only use materials for these orders if the suppliers have been approved by your customer. Your document this through factory certification and batch tracking. Make this easy using our solutions.

Or perhaps your customer would like you to submit QA inspection values and process data alongside every production batch? Our tools document this information throughout production, so you can easily generate the necessary records.

We create transparency and efficiency

Those are just a few of the use cases where our solutions are being deployed for MES, mobile data capture, automation, web-based consignment stock management or optimized shipment handling. We create transparency and efficiency.

At the same time, we ensure you always have an overview of all your operating issues: from order management and cost estimation to storage, logistics and shipping. Use our tools to manage your company and production effectively and ensure you can meet even the most obscure customer requirements on time.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling