MES CAT for the foil industry

MES CAT for film manufacturers - T.CON

MES CAT for the foil industry

The market is changing: What challenges do manufacturers in the foil industry face?

Plastic foils are omnipresent in all areas of daily life. Different plastic foils and films are found in a wide variety of applications, from packaging wrap to construction and agricultural films, from laminating and protective film to stretch wrap... and many more.

Foil producers have to handle significant challenges to assert themselves on the market: They are expected to simultaneously guarantee unlimited reliability, optimal product quality and delivery reliability — the latter particularly important for customers who depend on just-in-time deliveries and barely have their own storage areas. In parallel with these demands, the manufacturer faces increasing prices for raw materials and energy, the huge pressure towards innovation, growing international competition, and higher consumer expectations when it comes to environmental responsibilities.

Foil producing companies must master these challenging conditions in order to secure their place on the market. In the future, it will be increasingly important to improve networks between suppliers and customers, make innovative use of film technologies in the areas of electromobility or bioplastics, and open up new business fields in the rapidly growing Asian markets —whether through company production capacities, acquisitions or local partnerships.

The rapid advance of digitalization through all areas of our lives simultaneously drives these issues forward and presents the means of managing them: Digitalization boosts business processes to a new level, transforms market developments and creates space for creative possibilities in a wide range of areas.


Challenges for your industry:

  • Fierce competition
  • High cost pressures
  • High requirements for product liability
  • Prescribed standards and norms have to be applied
  • Rising prices for raw materials and energy
MES CAT for film manufacturers - T.CON

What is MES CAT?

The T.CON MES CAT is your foundation stone for automated processes. You can see what is happening in your production systems at all times, in all places. Production data is available in real time. MES CAT integrates seamlessly into the processes in your SAP ERP systems, making it possible for you to avoid media discontinuities and duplication. Optimum material requirements planning, optimized set-up times and planned machine maintenance all mean a reduction in cost-intensive delays. With MES CAT, you can efficiently trace and reject defective products. Thanks to early error reports if any irregularities, wastage is kept to a minimum. T.CON's automated trim optimization system TRIM SUITE* allows your employees to calculate an optimal cutting plan in a matter of seconds, and can optimize for highly diverse criteria. Furthermore, by removing the need handwritten production documentation, another source of error is eliminated.

Why does MES CAT work so well for your industry?

T.CON has twenty years of experience providing holistic support to manufacturing businesses optimizing their business processes. The input from experts' consolidated industry knowledge combined with our software solutions guarantee that we are your reliable partner.

In T.CON's MES CAT, you create a best practice template to model the core processes for length- and surface-based production with many variations. Implementation costs for the tool are reduced to a minimum. The predefined interfaces make daily work simpler for your production employees, and the simple, intuitive operating virtually guarantees user acceptance.


  • Real-time data at the press of a button
  • Optimized material requirements planning and logistics processes
  • Consistent processes
  • Weak points are shown
  • Fewer paper processes
  • Meaningful data as decision basis
  • Increased system availability thanks to optimized maintenance intervals
  • Management reports and key performance indicators in line with VDMA standards sheet 66412


*TRIM SUITE not included in MES CAT.


  • Real time data capture
  • Interface into your ERP system
  • Production planning
  • Production and quality monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance



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