MES CAT for the metal industry

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MES CAT for the metal industry

From delicate to strong and massive: With metal, anything is possible.

Metal is one of the most diverse materials out there. People wear it on a finger as jewelry, medicine uses screws and plates for broken bones, construction companies build skyscrapers with metal skeletons.

In Germany, about 500,000 employees in some 5,000 companies, most of which are family-run, generate a turnover of about 80 billion euros. 20 million tons of steel are worked into consumer products, capital goods and components.

The steel and metal processing industry is characterized by a high degree of specialization and particularly fierce competition*.

Metal processing companies are currently facing multiple challenges: Not only are they subject to pressure from strong competition out of from China and the result of the strong dollar, at the same time they are confronting the question of to integrate the essential automation and digitalization into their systems.

Customer requirements are becoming more specialized, and orders are becoming more diverse. This leads on to the fact that although customer numbers may be increasing, there is a trend for the actual quantities ordered to reduce. Overall, then, production runs are manufacturing smaller quantities, with a consequent reduction in productivity, while at the same time more staff resources are tied up and set-up times are rising. Metal processing is characterized by complex production processes, which require a holistic IT solution.

Challenges for your industry:

  • Too many paper-based tasks and documents
  • Fluctuating raw material prices
  • Material requirements planning for raw materials
  • Low productivity
  • Low utilization of human and machine resources
MES CAT for the Metal Industry - T.CON

What is MES CAT?

T.CON's MES controls, monitors and checks your production in real time. The core tasks of the MES comprise recording machine and operating data, central control functions, fine planning, quality data management, and personnel resource planning, along with real-time services and energy data management. The system acts as a link between ERP and Production. Recording all production information directly saves your company time and money. The fully-electronic workflow and integration of your production-related information within the ERP system means that you avoid media discontinuity and duplications. Cutting plans can be calculated and optimized in minimal time using the T.CON TRIM SUITE*.

Why does MES CAT work so well for your industry?

With MES CAT's user-friendly interface, your employees find daily tasks are simpler. Customized key information and safety guidelines are displayed for each employee. Controls and information can be tailored based on the employee's work center and area of responsibility; voice control applications assist your employees while leaving their hands free.

MES CAT has a number of languages and can be reconfigured as needed. You can also configure specialized industry terms and definitions, using the input fields.

When faults occur, a notification window pops up with detailed information, so that the employee can immediately start to trigger the necessary actions to repair the fault.


  • Transparent, complete documentation of all production events
  • Full product history
  • Traceability
  • Lower set-up times
  • Stable quality, less wastage


*TRIM SUITE not included in MES CAT.



  • Real-time insight into your manufacturing processes
  • Display weak points in the production process
  • Reduced machine idle times
  • Optimized material requirements planning and logistics
  • Automated data capture · Basis for informed decisions
  • Optimized machine maintenance and system availability
  • Management reports, performance indicators in line with VDMA standards sheet 66412
  • Multilingual



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