MES CAT for the paper industry

MES CAT for the paper industry - T.CON

MES CAT for the paper industry

The market is changing: What challenges does the mill producing industry face?

Thousands of reels, wound with freshly pressed paper, running smoothly at the US location of a global paper manufacturing plant. The colorful felts are humming. Water is splashing and filling the air with humidity. Recently T.CON's MES CAT was rolled out at this location, after it had already successfully been implemented at the companies' other international sites.

John, the shift lead, is checking out the slitter winder when a conspicuous notification suddenly pops up in his Touchscreen. It's a 'Runtime' Alert. After 10,000 productive hours, a pump needs to be exchanged. Without wasting time to take off his gloves, he easily informs the maintenance department by raising a voice controlled 'maintenance notification'. Maintenance quickly switches out the pump and production can continue in no time. John quickly registers the replacement part in order to track equipment and goes back to checking on the slitter winder.

Had this 'Runtime' Alert not been flagged and quickly been solved by John, this could have turned into a big problem… causing a unnecessary production downtime, delayed deliveries, high repair costs and lost revenue.

With our MES solution, tailored to the mill industry, business goals can easily be achieved! MES CAT was developed by our team of experts with decades of knowledge in the paper industry. It convinces with template features and best practices.


Your challenges at a glance:

  • Too much scrap
  • Unstable quality
  • Poor adherence to delivery dates
  • High set-up times
  • Unnecessarily complicated and handwritten production documentation
  • Lack of transparency and incomplete documentation of production events
  • Traceability and control of faulty products is not supported
MES CAT for the paper Industry - T.CON

What is MES CAT?

MES CAT is an intuitive, web-based Manufacturing Execution System. Developed with SAP software tools, users benefit from the seamless integration into SAP ERP. It enables real-time and exact recording of production information, such as feedback on production performance. Due to the continuous electronic workflow and the central consolidation of production-related information in the ERP system, media breaks and double entries are avoided. The real-time overview of production progress and status as well as multilingualism round off this tool.


  • Less scrap
  • More consistent quality
  • Better adherence to delivery dates
  • Less set-up time and downtimes
  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Transparency and complete documentation of all production events
  • Seamless product genealogy, forward and backward tracking
  • Fast order processing
  • No deliveries of defective goods
  • Complete and proper product documentation

Why does MES CAT work so well in the mill products industry?

A conclusive operating concept simplifies the handling of the MES system for the production employee. For example, an employee wearing gloves should not have to make any entries on touchscreens. As a modern operating concept, MES offers voice control applications.

The set-up of the control elements and the information displays depend on the work center and the employee's area of responsibility. He only sees the information and safety instructions that are relevant to him. A clear user guidance ensures reliable data entry. 

We speak your language!

Terms such as tambour, reels, bobbins, packages, large format, sheets, stacks, reams etc. are not a foreign language for us. The industry standard terms are already integrated into our MES CAT and can easily be adapted to your company-specific terms.

MES CAT runs effortlessly in different languages, in production with employees of different nationalities as well as international locations. Terminology on the input masks can easily be changed, hence adjusting it to your specific needs. Default values can be exchanged for terms that are commonly used in your company, so that employees are already familiar with the technical jargon of the system.

In the event of a malfunction, the employee can see at first glance what is wrong. Conspicuous information windows provide detailed information and displays with a strong signal effect provide support in the event of a fault. Plausibility and field checks prevent the posting of incorrect entries or invalid values. With MES CAT supporting the production employee in the best possible way to enter all required information correctly, he can give his undivided attention to his machine.


Advantages of MES CAT for the paper production?

  • Real-time insight into your manufacturing process
  • Identification of weak points in the production process
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Optimized scheduling and logistics
  • Less paperwork due to automatic data acquisition
  • Holistic information enabling faster and well-founded decision making
  • Optimized machine maintenance and system availability
  • Management reports, key performance indicators according to VDMA standard sheet 66412
  • Seamless interoperability between manufacturing and SAP ERP



  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality monitoring
  • Production scheduling
  • Interface to ERP system
  • Preventive maintenance



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