MES CAT for the textiles industry

MES CAT for the textil Industry - T.CON

MES CAT for the textiles industry

Innovative and promising: technical textiles

If we didn't have textiles, the whole world would be naked. There would be no clothes, no shoes — and also fewer modern medicinal products, fewer insulated houses... to mention just a few examples. Clothing and household textiles are "traditional" textiles. In contrast to technical textiles, their properties are largely aesthetic, rather than functional.

And there are other kinds of textiles: Between raw material and finished product lie many individual steps. T.CON, with its MES CAT solution, supports producers of textile sheet products and fabrics. This begins from the production of threads from natural or artificial fibers, goes on to fabric refinement and ultimately to finishing materials, fabrics and carpets. The raw materials can be processed in various ways. For example, weaving or knitting fabrics, knotting carpets and netting or tufting are just a few of the methods involved in textile processing.

One interesting issue is the manufacturing of technical textiles. This mostly involves very specialized production processes, with demanding requirements for production characteristics. In the automotive or medical industry, complete documentation is extremely important for liability reasons.

The complexity of the product lifecycle means that the entire lifecycle must be modeled using IT techniques. Products that have many variants must be planned efficiently and appropriate machines and personnel put in place. Precise, ongoing quality control is essential to ensure top product quality.


Challenges for your industry:

  • Variant configuration
  • Manufacturing based on customer order
  • Assembly and sequencing
  • Raw material management
  • Individual object management
  • Internal role logistics
  • Traceability from raw material to end product
  • Order controlling
  • MDE with automated confirmation from production
MES CAT for the textil Industry - T.CON

What is MES CAT?

MES CAT by T.CON links your ERP with your Production. The recorded machine and operating data is available in real time. With MES CAT, you can control, monitor and check your production. The system identifies faults immediately and can respond before failure leads to idle times and delays. There is less need for reworking and correspondingly less wastage. T.CON's TRIM SUITE* can also calculate your optimum cutting plan in a matter of seconds.

Why does MES CAT work so well for your industry?

The MES CAT Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and the best practice template for the textile industry provide you with preconfigured core processes for your business based on length-and surface-oriented production with many variations. Bringing our expertise and knowledge of the textiles industry, we work with you to structure your production processes. Together we ensure complete processes in many areas of daily work and guarantee high user acceptance and satisfaction. Industry solutions, such as MES CAT for the textile industry, significantly reduce the costs of software introduction. MES CAT gives the machine operator numerous predefined interfaces for typical machines. These form the basis for rapid construction of prototypes, a concept which results in rapid user understanding.


  • Transparent processes
  • Traceability for all production steps and products
  • Data consistency
  • User-friendly interface


*TRIM SUITE not included in MES CAT.


  • Real-time data
  • Production planning
  • Production and quality monitoring
  • Interface to ERP system
  • Preventative maintenance



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