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SAP Fiori has redefined the SAP user experience. Today’s applications are adapted to the rapid pace of the digital transformation.


SAP Fiori is SAP SE’s new standard for user interfaces and is redefining the way users work in their organizations. It focuses on modern, intuitive design, creating a user experience for business applications that is comparable to the experience of a smartphone. Fiori makes it much easier to interact with SAP solutions. The new tools help to record and reuse business data – and user acceptance soars.

SAP Fiori provides a foundation for developing individual, responsive and easy to use applications with superb user experience. The building blocks for the browser-based design concept are the Fiori apps: individual applications developed following the Fiori design principles.

This means that all Fiori apps are:

  • Simple: complex activities are broken down into task-based Fiori apps following the 1-1-3 principle (1 user, 1 use case, up to 3 navigation steps).
  • Flexible: the user interface adapts dynamically to different device screens, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone (“responsive design”).
  • Consistent: all Fiori apps have a user-friendly interface based on the same design and interaction principles. This means that users can immediately find their way around any Fiori app.
  • Personalized: users can quickly and easily adapt their working environment to their particular needs.
  • Role-based: the SAP Fiori Launchpad gives the user access to all the Fiori apps and transactions relevant to their particular role.  That way, the user has optimized support for their work.

Fiori creates this standardized user experience based on UX and application design guidelines issued by SAP SE, who have also now implemented a large number of their own standard applications on a Fiori basis. Over time, SAP Fiori will gradually become the basis of the user interface for all SAP products.

FIORI Launchpad

The Fiori launchpad is the single point of entry to all working processes. Users are shown a personalized start page with all applications and data available for their role. Users can access their personalized launchpad from a variety of different devices, for example a mobile app or from a web browser.

The Fiori launchpad therefore combines the “modern” GUI world with “classic” interfaces and integrates Fiori apps and transactions.


Fiori is the basis for modern, user-friendly SAP applications and web interfaces. It can be used to create dashboards designed with “tiles” or “cards” and visual widgets. Users therefore enjoy the intuitive user experience that they have come to expect from modern apps and web applications. Notifications provide visual alerts for important new information.

Fiori can be used to optimize digital business processes: a single click on a tile, graph or menu item takes the user directly to a detailed view or interactive screen. When combined with the new possibilities offered by SAP S/4HANA for continuous access and analysis of data in standard business processes, there are enormous advantages to be drawn here. Fiori is a solid foundation for developing new projects that will simplify business processes and access analyses more quickly and easily.

This simplified access to key data and functions improves productivity and saves time and money on training and onboarding. The transparent, intuitive user interface is such that even occasional users of SAP can find their way around the system. 

    The advantages at a glance:

    • Easy to use
    • Rapid onboarding
    • Improved user-friendliness = greater user acceptance
    • Higher productivity, thanks to rapid access to information
    • Role-based overview displays applications relevant to the user


    Numerous SAP Fiori apps have already been built, based on frequent use cases or common transactions that have been mapped into small, easy to use apps. A task is dealt with quickly and easily with a few simple clicks. There are new Fiori apps coming out with every release, so it is worthwhile checking regularly for new processes and functions.

    Organizations can also use the design guidelines to develop their own Fiori applications that will integrate seamlessly with all the other parts of the SAP system.

    SAP Fiori is based on SAP UI5. This is the standard for the SAP environment and is ideal for developing lean business applications. SAP UI5 is an HTML5-based framework, which means it is highly responsive and can be used for any end device.

    The SAP SE vision is focused on the extreme simplicity of developing customer-specific business applications using Fiori, and the huge cost savings this brings: “You will demonstrably save up to 80% on frontend development.”


    SAP S/4HANA is the perfect technological basis for using SAP Fiori. However, SAP Fiori is more than just a new user interface. It is a wholly new way of working and a basis for exploiting the full innovation potential of SAP S/4HANA.

    It is a journey involving re-examining working methods, rethinking workflows, redefining and reimplementing processes. These changes often call user habits into question. They present a challenge for the users they affect, not least because Fiori and the new way of working will gradually become part of life in every company department.

    It makes sense to approach the Fiori introduction gradually, examining the suitability of Fiori apps for specific tasks on a case-by-case basis. During this initial stage, the important elements are building confidence in using Fiori apps, establishing a good understanding of their potential and developing flagship projects. The subsequent rollout should not take a steamroller approach but follow step by step.

      Whitepaper: Das sind die Schritte zu SAP Fiori

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      • wie Unternehmen Informationen über die Potenziale unterschiedlicher Fiori-Apps erhalten.
      • warum agile Vorgehensweisen bei der Einführung viele Vorteile bieten.
      • wie der Deployment-Prozess bei Fiori-Anwendungen aussieht.
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