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The Aicomp Group are experts in ERP solutions for the packaging industry, specializing in complex SAP Variant Configuration and SAP Cloud solutions. With offices located in Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and North America, the diverse group of over 80 professionals bring over 20 years of project experience to packaging manufacturers.  Aicomp delivers expert level consulting and development services that elevate their customer’s software systems through installation and set-up, and by streamlining their business processes, giving them the ability to respond to their customer’s needs quickly. Aicomp is continuelly innovating new upgrades for their software solutions with the goal of long term customer satisfaction.


VCPowerPack is the SAP add-on to boost the performance of SAP standard variant configuration. Aspiring to simplification, VCPowerPack provides a user-friendly, dynamic interface to define complex products in order to fully support the product calculation and manufacturing processes.

IS Packaging

With IS Packaging, Aicomp offers an industry specific ERP system that is optimized specifically for the requirements of packaging manufacturers. The industry solution seamlessly combines applications of the SAP ERP S/4HANA Business Suite with the configuration platform VCPowerPack. With customized functions, IS Packaging meets the special requirements of industry specific business processes through pre-integrated, standardized end-to-end solutions. Thanks to numerous interface integrations, process automations, and a simplified usability, companies benefit from a fast and secure workflow.


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