SAP System House

Our enthusiastic SAP experts work daily to ensure our customers are robust for the future. The T.CON Team is in several locations throughout Germany where we attend to the needs of our worldwide customers. We work together with you to optimize your business processes. Since 1999, the basis for all our products, solutions and services is the ERP software from SAP SE. With our competency in SAP ERP, SAP ERP on HANA and S/4HANA we accompany our customers on the way to digitization.

A huge advantage for our customers comes through highly integrated business processes, the importance of the operator in the user’s experience and the use of innovative technology.

The importance we place of these topics is shown in our highlighted products such as the “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” certified MES, the TRIM SUITE for cutting stock optimization, PLC-COCKPIT for product costing and product development, the certified HR PORTAL for digitized HR-Processes based on the SAP Cloud Platform or FACTOR-E.OS for Machine Learning and shop-floor management. With consideration of S/4HANA technologies is the template SMART FOR MILL – a solution for companies that produce laminar products on reels or made-to-measure products.

Together with you we will develop an individual digitization strategy regardless if we are conducting a new implementation, a carve-out project or as part of a resilient future with an S/4 conversion.

As an owner operated company sustainable growth is important to us. We achieve this with a unified team of colleagues, the requirement for continuing education and, of course, by putting you, as the customer, at the center of everything we do.

Because these long-lasting and stable relationships with customers and our partners are the foundation of our success.

If you were to compare SAP with a service vehicle, we would be the vehicle specialists in charge of upgrading it according to our customer’s specific needs. In other words, we would integrate useful features, reduce fuel consumption levels, ensure that the engine runs like clockwork, and take care of all customer service issues. The goal? To ensure that the vehicle not only transports the useful tools with which it is equipped, but also makes it to its destination every single time without breaking down. Fast, effective, reliable. The T.CON way, you could say.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling