The history of T.CON


Founding of T.CON

Karl Fuchs, Stefan Fiedler, Michael Gulde and two other SAP experts, associated with the FH Deggendorf dare the adventure of founding a company. “Team Consulting’s” exciting adventure began in an unasuming townhouse in Deggendorf, Lower Bavaria. Shortly after the foundation, the first three employees join the company.


Acquisition of the first copier

With the purchase of our very first copier, we have reached an important milestone in developing an efficient business administration.

First roll-out abroad

Even though our first projects are won on our home turf, it doesn’t take long for us to successfully complete our first roll-out abroad. Take One Operation Abroad took place at the plant of the automotive supplier Harman in Hungary.

The first company car

When acquiring our first company car, we naturally go local with a BMW. The BMW 523i, built in 1999, also serves as a mobile conference room during the first several years. On the trips to the customers there is plenty of time to discuss all manner topics with each other.


First complete implementation in the paper industry

Many of our first projects were centered around the paper industry. That’s why we were particularly excited about our first complete implementation in a company of this industry in 2001.

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Acquisition of the headquarters in Straubinger Strasse

We are growing – and looking for a new headquarters. We found our new home on the Straubinger Straße in Plattling. T.CON’s owner Karl Fuchs once bought yellow bathmats for his first apartment here. The now vacant building of the former interior decorator Strohmeier was completely rebuilt into proper headquarters. The following years were busily spent programming, developing and consulting from here.


The first summer party

With our first summer party we say thank you to our team and their families. It's the first time we've done it in this form with ice cream, good spirits, and a well-stocked bar – the start of a T.CON tradition that has been preserved to this day.

The first fully automatic coffee machine

The days of stale coffee in thermos flasks are over. Once renovations at Straubinger Straße were finished, our team gathered around T.CON’s very first fully automatic coffee machine for their breaks.

Moving into the first own office building

After the reconstruction, we are excited to move into our building in the Straubinger Straße. From now on the new company address is: Straubinger Straße 2. There is so much space that every colleague could theoretically have an entire office to him- or herself. But most of us don’t like to have their own office and still huddle together in a few offices.


Custom built product ’KAT’ books the first tambour

Together with our customer Koehler, we are developing a system that will make existing solutions for production data acquisition look outdated: The Koehler Application Tool. On June 4th 2004, the first reel was booked for production shortly after 5 PM. This development becomes the basis for one of our most successful products: MES CAT



From KAT to CAT

Perlen Packaging implements our KAT solution for the collection of production data. In the course of this project the CAT - short for “Cross Application Tool” - is created. Further CAT projects follow, for example at Impress and Neenah Gessner.


T.CON becomes SAP Business Partner

We’ve actually been concentrating on working with SAP software in our projects from the very beginning. This year, we are honored to bring the valued cooperation with the Walldorf-based company into a formal framework for the first time: T.CON becomes an SAP Business Partner.


New location Villingen-Schwenningen

The first branch office of T.CON opens its doors in Villingen-Schwenningen. Thanks to this office, we are close to companies in the automotive, mechanical engineering and series production sectors. It is located in the Business Factory in the Schwenningen part of the city.

Kickoff for the PLC-COCKPIT

Thanks to our growing experience and profound process and system knowledge, we increasingly rely on the development of our own software. With our customer voestalpine we develop a solution to disclose internal costs and get an overview of the costs of new developments: The PLC-COCKPIT (Product Lifecycle Costing). Soon after, we started selling PLC-COCKPIT to other customers. Up until today it remains a successful part of our portfolio.

First Transalp of the management

It's not only in business that things are looking up: our managing directors are crossing the Alps by bike for the first time. This challenging experience left them closer than ever and made such an impression on them, that this first Transalp is followed by several others.


First T.CON tennis tournament

TTT – that stands for T.CON tennis tournament, which originated this year. Typical for T.CON, the team concept is what matters most. The game is played in doubles. The winner of a match is drawn together with a loser. That way, everyone has a chance. Everyone is welcome to participate, also family members and those new to tennis.


CAT takes its first steps

Our CAT becomes independent: So far, our solution was solely based on SAP ERP. Now we decide to turn it into a separate product that can run on a single SAP NetWeaver instance. We develop it on a greenfield site with a completely new architecture. Perlen Packaging is our pilot customer and is our first to switch to MES CAT.

Extension of our Straubinger Straße headquarters

Success and growth have their price. Once again, the company headquarters are bursting at the seams. We buy up the “Bernhard-Villa” in the Bahnhofstraße and structurally integrate it into the Straubinger Straße.


First customer day at T.CON

“Innovation meets reality” – that's the motto of T.CON’s first expert conference. For the first time, we are inviting decision-makers and experts to exchange ideas.

T.CON becomes SAP System House

Our consulting business is increasingly being supplemented by our own technological components. Therefore, T.CON becomes an SAP system house. We offer not only consulting or software products, but also complete, ready-to-use IT solutions – including the management of complete processes.

The 100th employee

T.CON’s growth is moving faster than lightning. This year, T.CON hires its 100th employee. While there was space in abundance when we freshly moved into our new Headquarters, once again, office spaces have reached their limits. Therefore, a small group is moving into the 2nd floor at Preysingplatz. And just one year later, a second group leaves the main building and sets up camp in Simon-Ohm-Straße.


T.CON becomes SAP Gold Partner

We are SAP Gold Partner. As part of the PartnerEdge program, the software manufacturer thus recognizes our high level of competence and expertise in implementing and customizing SAP software solutions. It is the highest status that SAP awards to nationally operating companies.

We won the SIEgER price

Combining children and career? For parents at T.CON that’s not a problem – they can have both. We have the right working model for every situation. That is why the Bavarian state government has chosen us as “SIEgER 2013”. The award honors companies that ensure the compatibility of family and work.

Our first Hannover Messe

We go where the industry meets: This year we're making our debut at the Hannover Messe. In our luggage we have information on MES CAT, as well as on our SAP-based mobile add-on solutions “Mobile Maintenance Management” (MMM) for maintenance and “Mobile Warehouse Management” (MWM) for warehouse management.


MES CAT turns 10

Our MES CAT celebrates its 10th birthday. Making the turn into double digits, MES CAT now has accumulated plethora of new skills, for example dexterously handling multiple languages and converting seamlessly between various units of measurement. Our MES CAT has traveled the globe and is looking forward to even more international assignments.


As part of our product development strategy, we are increasingly presenting our software developments, such as the PLC-COCKPIT, at trade fairs like CeBIT. With the ABAP-based add-on, contract manufacturers can calculate new parts and components quickly and efficiently. Automotive suppliers such as Hirschmann Automotive, Rheinmetall Automotive AG or HBPO use the Lamborghini among the calculation tools.


New office in Plattling

Since our headquarters are already bursting at the seams, we’re expanding! Our owners scored this impressive, brand new 1,600 square meters of office space, over five floors. The development plan offers opportunities for us to expand in the immediate vicinity in the future. For now, the ERP, MES, ALM and BI divisions move into the office building on the Werkstraße.

Taking our conference up a notch

Our growth is also visible in the number of visitors to our annual expert conference. This year, for the first time, we are therefore no longer holding the conference in our ERP meeting room. The Customer Day takes place in the Hotel Asam in Straubing, to which we will remain loyal in the years to come. Because we are open to new topics, the scope of the conference will be broadened.

200 Employees

While it took 13 years for T.CON to reach 100 employees, it only took a mind-blowing two years for the next 100 employees to join the team. The majority of the 200 colleagues are based in the two big office spaces in Plattling. The branches at Preysingplatz and the Simon-Ohm-Straße have been dissolved when the company moved to the big office at Werkstraße.

New Location Berlin

T.CON goes Berlin. To set up shop in Germany’s capital, many helpers from Plattling and Berlin assembled lamps, laid cables, watered flowers, vacuumed, and other things in preparation for moving in. Berlin is not just the governmental, but also technological center Germany: We’re excited to be part of the innovative vibe, right in downtown Berlin.

Master Value Added Reseller

The networks that we create with other IT experts for the benefit of our customers take shape: As a Master Value Added Reseller, we can build up a partner ecosystem for the sale, implementation and support of SAP solutions. Our customers benefit from even better service and consulting.

TRIM saves waste

We develop the TRIM SUITE. It allows cutting planning to be carried out completely integrated in SAP software. It will be used at Delfort for the first time from 2016. Today, several customers use it to optimize cutting waste and reduce scrap – for example, Model AG and Steinbeis.


Bavaria's Best 50

This year we are among Bavaria's “Best 50” – in other words, we are one of the fastest-growing medium-sized companies in the State of Bavaria. The award granted by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is based on a survey of no less than 2,000 companies. 

Opening of a fitness studio

“Work with passion, work out with passion.” Since this year, our Plattling-based team can enjoy the perks of the generously equipped company gym.

HR PORTAL – the first Cloud product

It’s official: we’ve moved to the cloud. With the HR PORTAL we are launching our first product that is not hosted on premise.


SAP Hosting Certification

In cooperation with our data center partner HARTL GROUP we successfully undergo three audits around the topics outsourcing and hosting. We are now “SAP-Certified Provider for Hosting Services”, “SAP-Certified Provider for Infrastructure Operations” and “SAP-Certified Provider for SAP HANA Operations”.

We launch the iT.CONnect

Visitors to our previous expert conferences love to network. We take this into account when further developing and rebranding our annual conference into the iT.CONnect. With our technology and digitization know-how, we create an inspiring framework for networking and learning together.

New location Hamburg

There was a lot to do for our Hanseatic craftsmen, with support from Plattling. But now our Hamburg office is also opening its doors in the middle of the Bahrenpark in the west of the Hanseatic city.

Wildflower meadow

Our trainees don’t only exceed at work. This year, they are digging and planting in the Werkstraße - until a wildflower meadow is created at the end. The 1,888 square meter colorful flower meadow in the Nordpark is not only beautiful, but also offers new habitat for bees.


Get on the wheel!

Company cars are great for longer distances, but from now on our colleagues at the Plattling offices will be zipping around town with our cool new T.BIKES. They are perfect for moving quickly between the two locations for meetings and appointments. What’s extra special, they are dedicated to the memory of our esteemed colleague, Christian Ammerstorfer, who had the idea for the T.BIKES.

FOCUS Magazine's top employer middle class

T.CON has made it into the FOCUS list of the “TOP Employer Medium-sized Companies 2018”. We are listed in a special issue together with other employers who were honored in this ranking. Our results in the Kununu evaluation platform are also impressive: It is well above the satisfaction values of other technology companies.

New location Regensburg

The UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts more than 1,000,000 tourists every year to the fourth largest city in Bavaria. Now the city offers yet one more sight worth seeing: our new branch in the industrial park. Those who work there benefit from the proximity to our Plattling headquarters, while enjoying a great view over the beautiful city with the nickname ‘Italy’s most northern city’.


Marketing Made in China

The internationalization of our business is one of our key strategic goals. In the search for partners beyond the DACH region, we are successful in Shanghai. With Pacific Textiles we win our first implementation partner in China.

Company of the month – district of Deggendorf

Hooray, we're Company of the Month. The district of Deggendorf, which is where T.CON is headquartered, awards a monthly prize to elite companies operating locally. With this award, the district honored T.CON as a locally based, but internationally successful company with great employee benefits. As a price, they made an image film about us. We couldn’t be prouder!

Change of location iT.CONnect

Now the iT.CONnect really takes off. The annual expert conference is taking place for the first time at Munich Airport. As usual with inspiring speakers and customer presentations, we celebrate T.CON’s 20th anniversary with more visitors than ever before.

300 employees

Four years ago, we celebrated our 200th employee. This year we are breaking the next record. 300 people now work for T.CON.

Maintainer Award

Our chatbot Marvin is an example of the innovative software we develop. T.A. Cook awarded our bot, which complements mobile maintenance solutions, with a coveted innovation prize: The MAINTAINER Award.

Kickoff charity event T.RUN

T.CON gets moving: We’re not only improving our health; at the same time we’re supporting a good cause. For every kilometer ran and for every kilometer cycled, our management makes a donation. This year we covered an astonishing 10,000 km in the three months’ time. We did it mainly for the good cause, and a little bit due to our competitiveness.

T.CON USA: first international location

America, here we come! After having been active in over 35 countries with project collaborations, we have founded T.CON USA Inc. and have established a sales office in Austin, Texas. This way we will further expand our mill expertise to the US market. In founding our first international branch, we have reached a key milestone towards further internationalization of our business.

New location Passau

Our sixth German location opens its doors in Passau. The need for a new location, just a few months after we opened an office in Regensburg, reflects the continued strong growth of our company. As with other offices in the past, the impulse for the new workplace came from the employees. Nicknamed the "City of Three Rivers", the university city is bursting with innovation. Nestled right at the boarder of Austria and the Czech Republic, it’s the perfect fit for us.

T.CON establishes employer branding for the German market

Who’s already part of the T.CON family knows just how special the T.SPIRIT is. Whoever doesn’t know us yet, will from now on with our new employer brand. We're looking for personalities, that’s why everything – from our new website to our job ads – is under the motto: WHAT TYPE ARE YOU?


Three become four

T.CON is expanding its management team and thus setting the course for the future. The founders and shareholders Michael Gulde, Stefan Fiedler, and Karl Fuchs have decided to officially appoint Thomas Blöchl as the fourth managing director of T.CON GmbH & Co. KG.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling