Formulations – headboxes – paper machines – reels

As a paper manufacturer, there are differentiated requirements for process-oriented production, as a result of individual customer-specific characteristics.

Materials are mixed according to the corresponding formulations, after which they are processed into stock and finally fed into a paper machine. After going through the wet end and dry end, the material is wound on the reel. In order to plan paper machine loads as efficiently as possible, you use block planning to distribute the various types and customer needs among defined production cycles.

Framework agreements – delivery commitments – approval of input material purchases

The contract has been awarded. The terms and conditions have been agreed upon according to an agreed framework, and you have received the go-ahead for the purchase of input materials for a certain number of units. You have guaranteed your customer that you will be able to deliver a defined quantity within a specified period.

Batch management / process data

The individual reels are tagged with the relevant batch data and booked in. The quality data is received directly, either in the form of process data from the paper machine or through the manual entry of test results.

Reel cutter – roll distribution patter – re-reeler

The customer formats that currently have to be delivered are mapped for charging with an optimal individual web arrangement. You might even use a cutting optimization program for this purpose.

Due to safety reasons, you also obtain the quality-relevant data for each roll at this point. The roll distribution pattern allows you to determine exactly which delivery was made from which reels with which raw materials.

Rolls – material, weight, paper length and width

At the warehouse, you are able to determine exactly how many rolls of each paper length, type, weight, and width are in stock.

If you recognize your company’s day-to-day business in the above description and still see potential for optimizing the integration and transparency of your processes, we would be more than interested in speaking with you. At T.CON, we not only offer the comprehensive standard functionalities of the T.CON all-in-one industry solution for paper manufacturers, but also extremely pragmatic, advantageous, and fully integrated T.CON solutions that will make mobile data collection, MES, automation, block planning, and optimized shipment handling even easier.

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Our all-in-one solution SMART FOR MILL was developed by our team of experts with decades of knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry. It therefore comes preconfigured for the specific requirements of the mill process industries.

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