Everything Turns. And It Revolves Around Rolls and Formats.

Sheet manufacturers have very specific process-oriented production requirements. Your customers order sheets in a variety of configurations that have a decisive impact on production cycle planning.

Formulations – extruders – calenders – web defects

The sheet requirements for the corresponding grade are the result of individual customer-specific characteristics. Materials are mixed according to the corresponding formulations, after which they are extruded and finally fed into a calender. Since the process is a continuous flow manufacturing process, web defects are detected during production with an optical quality inspection system and their position is stored so that they can be identified and eliminated during the next processing steps.

Batch management

Individual sheet rolls are tagged with the relevant batch data and booked in.

Preparation for shipping – roll distribution pattern

Maybe you will process the sheet further with coatings, cut it to exact widths and lengths, and produce numerous individual packages (rolls and formats). The roll distribution pattern allows you to determine which parent rolls were used for deliveries to customers at any time.

The relevant process data is collected directly on machines by means of sensors and is then assigned to the relevant production order online. This way, the stored quality tolerances allow you to see the goods’ condition at any time.


Rolls – material, weight, sheet length, breaks

At the warehouse, you are able to determine exactly how many rolls of each width, sheet length, grade, and weight, with or without splices, are in stock.

If you recognize your company’s day-to-day business in the above description and still see potential for optimizing the integration and transparency of your processes, we would be more than interested in speaking with you. At T.CON, we not only offer the comprehensive standard functionalities of the T.CON all-in-one industry solution for sheet manufacturers, but also extremely pragmatic, advantageous, and fully integrated T.CON solutions that will make mobile data collection, MES, automation, block planning, and optimized shipment handling even easier.

Our main concern is for you to be fully satisfied with your decision and for us to be long-term partners for your business. With our tried-and-true procedure model, we can contribute transparency and certainty to your purchase decision with no risk whatsoever.

Our industry insiders are looking forward to working with you!

Note: The solution for sheet manufacturers is also designed for all pipe, tube, and profile extruding companies!


As a sheet manufacturers you have very specific process-oriented production requirements. Our all-in-one solutions SMART FOR MILL is our preconfigured industry solution for reel and sheet based production and perfectly caters to your needs.

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