Paper industry

Paper industry

Everything revolves. That is, revolves around reels and sheets.

There is hardly any branch that has been as much affected by paperless technologies as the paper industry. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, companies who work with reels need to find ways to make themselves stand out. Regardless of whether your enterprise produces graph paper, packaging paper, hygienic paper or specialist paper, you have to manufacture numerous variants of your products. That in turn means that scheduling your processes has risen hugely in importance in this industry. T.CON holds the certificate “SAP Recognized Expertise in the mill products industry in Germany” – we are the perfect partner to help you meet these requirements.

From recipe to headbox to tambour

Consider your day-to-day production systems: Every order in the paper industry is unique. Based on individual customer-specific features, you compile the paper requirements for the particular variant. You then create the recipes, mix up the materials, prepare your stock and feed it through the paper machine. Once the wet and dry stages are complete, the product is wound onto the tambour.

Achieve maximum utilization of your paper machines with our block scheduling solutions. You can also use our planning software to distribute the different types and customer requirements over defined production cycles. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the big picture in your production systems with our MES CAT suite. That way, you have established the basis of profitable management for your production department. With all our solutions, you work in SAP, so no hassle with separate software or interface issues.

Batch management and process data

For the next work steps, the tambours are tagged with the individual batch data and booked. You have the quality data that you need either directly in the form of process data from the paper machines, or from manual test result records. With our solutions, you have a complete digital record and documentation of all your production processes, and it is simplicity itself to meet all the requirements specified by your client. You can also use our evaluation tools to implement your own quality management – we’ve made it completely straightforward.

Reel cutter – roll distribution pattern – winder

You model the customer formats that you currently need to deliver, creating the best possible assignment of the individual webs. Use automated cutting plans from our TRIM SUITE to reduce waste and optimize your order production. By minimizing trim, you save massively on costs. You can also use this software to automatically adjust your knife settings, saving on re-tooling time

Our solutions also help you in this stage by recording all production events: it goes without saying that for safety reasons, quality-relevant data will be available for every reel. From the roll distribution pattern, you can determine precisely which delivery was prepared from which parent roll, and which raw materials were used for it. The warehouse software shows you exactly how many reels are in stock, along with their lengths, paper types, weights and widths.

Industry expertise guarantees your ROI

Our products and solutions are built on a foundation of globally unique industry expertise. To meet diverse customer needs, our ERP software package for the paper industry, SMART FOR MILL, includes a diverse range of add-ons, covering the business and economic processes for producers of reels and sheets: From development to procurement, through planning, production, quality management, maintenance, sales and shipping, and all the way to integrated accounting.

All the functions in our software are optimized for the requirements of the paper industry and oriented to SAP S/4HANA. The software comprises add-ons for every aspect of production for suppliers of lengths or sheets of diverse materials. You can integrate our apps seamlessly into your business processes. Use our industry templates to define best-in-class processes for your company, quickly and efficiently.

We can complement comprehensive standard functionality in our industry-specific solution with extremely practical, productive, fully-integrated T.CON solutions to ease various aspects of your work: mobile data capture, automation and optimized shipping processes, for example. Our industry expertise guarantees that the associated investments pay for themselves rapidly and sustainably.

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