Plastic sheet production

Plastic sheet production

As individual as your customers and their products

As a producer of plastic sheeting, do you find yourself faced with the problem of manufacturing material for highly diverse applications? Perhaps you are busy with packaging for food products, at the same as non-food and technical products, along with pharmaceutical products and transport wrapping? Every product is unique, and that often means highly individual packaging.

The procedures for transforming the granulate into the final plastic sheeting are accordingly equally diverse. However, it’s possible to identify certain fundamental process steps that recur frequently, and we can help you to optimize these – regardless of whether your end product is tubular film or pallet covers, pipes or pipe-seam bags.

Plastic sheet production: Recipes, extrusion and calenders

You begin with the statement of requirements – what are the desired characteristics for the plastic sheets ordered by the customer? Based on the resulting recipes, materials are then mixed, extruded and finally added to the calender. Since this is sheet production, you typically identify web errors during production by means of a visual quality check. Individual positions are recorded, so that you can then find them again in the subsequent processing steps and eliminate any problems.

Our solutions help you here: use our apps to draw up your cost estimates and create production schedules. Get maximum utilization from your machines, while taking into account maintenance intervals and any necessary cleaning processes associated with product changes.

Batch management, manufacture and roll distribution pattern

After these steps, the individual rolls of plastic sheeting are loaded with the individual batch data and batches. You might improve the plastic sheets further with various coatings. After that, you cut the sheets carefully to size and produce individual packages. You can look at the reel history at any time to read back which reels the customer’s delivery originated from.

All the relevant process data is taken directly from sensors on the machines and linked to the production order online. You can see the status of the goods at any time, based on configured quality tolerances. The warehouse software shows you exactly how many reels are in stock, along with their widths, sheeting lengths, quality and weight with or without splices.

Our software enables you to capture a digital picture of what is going on in your production halls and save it for subsequent evaluations. Determine the status of your various machines with our mobile data capture systems and schedule maintenance processes for maximum efficiency. In parallel, use our TRIM SUITE to minimize waste – and maximize profits.

Transparency, efficiency and quality assurance for producers of plastic sheeting

We are also a reliable partner for your quality assurance needs. Make our MES CAT suite an integral part of your continuous quality control process. Integrate it into your production processes to facilitate event-based control of quality checks. You can also link production data to quality data. This means that you can analyze any quality issues and associate them with changes to production parameters. You can analyze the production process for a product all along the logistics chain, and determine when any production step was carried out, the workstation where it was carried out, and the raw materials involved. This means that you can always trace your production batch in detail.

These are just a few examples of the use cases for our solutions in the various fields of MES, mobile data capture, automation, web-based management of consignment stock or optimized shipping handling. We give you transparency. This makes it easier for you to meet documentation standards, identify error locations, and, ultimately, to manufacture more efficiently.

At the same time, we ensure you always have an overview of all your operating issues: from order management and cost estimation to storage, logistics and shipping. Use our tools to manage your company and production effectively and ensure you can meet even the most obscure customer requirements on time.

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