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The award-winning, tested, lean solution for optimizing your maintenance processes

Our tool MOBILE MAINTENANCE makes maintenance and repair processes more efficient, helps to generate high-quality data for analyses, and hugely simplifies daily work for maintenance technicians. The tool, which is integrated into SAP ERP with the PM module, yields a noticeable improvement in plant availability, while reducing operative costs.

How does MOBILE MAINTENANCE by T.CON help companies manage their operative processes?

Maintenance technicians often aren’t “IT professionals”. Our easy-to-use, intuitive mobile tool ensures they are free to focus on their actual work. The tool is available for all common platforms and offline-capable – which means that users can save data and access the information they need anytime, anywhere. Therefore, better data quality and a noticeable speed-up in operative processes is achieved, giving your company a rapid ROI.

Which companies could benefit from the tool?

Essentially any company, from any industry, if they carry out scheduled or unscheduled maintenance work on buildings, plants or systems. 

What are the technical prerequisites for using the tool?

MOBILE MAINTENANCE is fully integrated in the SAP platform and processes, and therefore requires either SAP ERP or S/4HANA with the PM module.



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  • Success story | MOBILE MAINTENANCE with SAPUI5 and smartphones at SAPPI
  • Success story | Efficient maintenance using a tablet at Berliner Glas

Even today, maintenance in many companies often involves printing and distributing order documents, noting down faults and completed work on bits of paper to be entered in the ERP system later, while the technicians on site are frequently left without access to the information they need. By introducing a digital mobile solution, you can replace this with a seamless flow of information, improve data quality and guarantee it is up to date, save time and make maintenance processes more efficient.

The benefits of mobile maintenance

  • Seamless data flows and process speed-up
  • Reduction in administrative work ⇨ increased efficiency
  • Higher quality, up-to-date data
  • High process security thanks to automatic ID processes and guided data capture

IT-supported maintenance work

Using T.CON’s MOBILE MAINTENANCE add-on, which is fully integrated in SAP, users can identify maintenance points using their mobile device (tablet or smartphone) by RFID or barcode, and record maintenance data directly at the location. The tool is fully offline-capable – i.e. if network coverage is poor, data is stored temporarily and transmitted to the SAP back-end once a connection is re-established. Last but not least, users also appreciate how quick and easy it is to use MOBILE MAINTENANCE, with its clearly structured displays and input forms, and the guided, process-oriented data input model. This guarantees high acceptance from end users, which is a decisive factor for the success of any mobile solution.

The Lean Mobile Solution with no middleware

Unlike many other comparable tools, our mobile maintenance tool does not involve any middleware or separate data management. The application is integrated seamlessly into SAP with no additional interfaces, meaning you can wave goodbye to system or data discontinuities.

Advantages of the MOBILE MAINTENANCE architecture

  • State-of-the-art technology (SAPUI5/Fiori, NetWeaver Gateway, OData services)
  • Supports all common client platforms (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Offline-capable
  • High usability with an intuitive, self-explanatory user interface
  • Lean architecture with no middleware (direct SAP ERP integration)
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Another benefit is the flexible architecture of the mobile application. The app can easily be extended with new functionality as needed or adapted quickly to individual customer requirements.

Standard functions in the MOBILE MAINTENANCE tool

  • Time reporting for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance jobs
  • Managing repairs and maintenance work, including time recording
  • Fault reports associated with technical locations or equipment (including photographic defect documentation)
  • Measurement logging
  • Material procurement (e.g. replacement parts)
  • Checklists (based on QM inspection lots)
  • Processing and allocating maintenance reports
  • Installing or removing equipment
  • Uploading and displaying documents
  • Identification of maintenance locations by RFID or barcode
  • Management console for device management and monitoring postings

* The functions and extensions listed are available in SAP ERP from Release 5.0.

Innovative user experience for SAP EAM

Chatbot MARVIN

T.CON’s innovative chatbot MARVIN helps you carry out simple maintenance work intuitively and without technical obstacles. Provide voice or text inputs on e.g. your mobile device, and the digital assistant communicates directly with a back-end system such as SAP PM/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), to give you rapid, convenient access to maintenance and servicing information. MARVIN offers real added value and is particularly useful to occasional users. He is part of the trend towards consumerization of IT associated with the digital transformation. MARVIN won the MAINTAINER Award from T. A. Cook.

Holo Maintenance

New technology enables us to interact intuitively and naturally with IT systems and makes our workflows more efficient. Our showcase tool “Holo Maintenance” from the T.CON Innovation Lab demonstrates how data glasses can help maintenance technicians with their daily work. Our Microsoft HoloLens application, which integrates into both SAP PM/EAM and Microsoft Remote Assist, enables technicians to literally keep an eye on when maintenance work is due – while leaving their hands free to work. The tool can also be used to support technicians remotely via live video calls, annotations and data access, guiding the worker as though they had an assistant right next to them.




MOBILE MAINTENANCE is as easy and intuitive to use as an app on your personal smartphone or tablet. We anticipate that this will mean faster and more efficient processing for maintenance jobs and better-quality feedback.

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