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Enterprise Logbook – for a truly collaborative enterprise

Share critical information and events in a single place. Quickly captured, clearly presented, enriched with visual content and easily retrievable from any device. Avoiding errors through sharing information has never been easier.

Tossed about on the high seas? Stay on course with the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.

It is common for seafarers to use a logbook to record nautical data and the events of the day. The logbook holds information about the route traveled and speeds, the weather and the wind strengths, and also records any incidents. It can be read at any time, thus providing transparency about everything that has happened. It acts simultaneously as the team's key tool, a communication basis for new crew members, and a foundation for providing evidence.

Every member of a ship’s team, from captain or commander down to the deckhands, has specific tasks and responsibilities. Procedures must be followed; when incidents occur, each person is clear about their own responsibilities — these are defined standard procedures, in fact, and they are also detailed in the logbook.

For seafarers, the logbook is simply a matter of course. Back on land, however, manufacturing businesses often fail to take this approach, with many things simply happening as and when — particularly in response to malfunctions and problems. With the T.CON ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK, critical information and events are centralized and can be viewed by the relevant people.

This means that when faults or problems with a machine are identified and recorded in the Enterprise Logbook, they can repaired or avoided more quickly in future. Patterns can be spotted rapidly and the appropriate system measures taken. Learning from mistakes taken to the next level with ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.

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Catalyzing the flow of information using a single information hub: shift handover, instructions, regulations, requirements, event log, knowledge database - all in one location. T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK is the centralized solution for creating and sharing critical information and events across every level of your company. Based on the idea of the shift log for production, the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK incorporates information resources outside of production - creating a wholesome, integrated system. This catalyzes information flow across internal boundaries.


Enterprise Logbook Information hub l T.CON

Business procedures represent complex sequences of processes, targeted towards keeping workflows as efficient as possible. If these are not standardized, there is a significant risk of malfunctions. Every malfunction in the sequence can affect the processes that follow it and, ultimately, the business result: The best is simply not achieved.

ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK identifies, classifies, documents, qualifies and spots patterns in these malfunctions, so that they can be avoided in future. The result is that optimization potential and sources of error alike are detected, and suitable improvements can be introduced. This means: A substantial, sustainable boost to the business result.



Is there too much complexity in your business?

“ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK digitizes and optimizes the complex interactions of modern business processes — right across internal company borders. This enables us to establish a solid basis for sustainable improvements to your process management systems, identify optimization potential and sources of error, and introduce substantial improvements.”

Thomas Blöchl, MES Business Unit Manager

The ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK makes it easy to record and share critical information, instructions and events from one central location. Information, once logged, is clearly laid out, supplemented with visual content, and can be easily accessed from any device. It is stored in a central database where it is tamper-proof. ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK facilitates error prevention through simple information sharing — and it’s just as simple as A B C.

Shift Logbook

Enterprise Logbook - Shift Logbook I T.CON

First and foremost, the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK replaces all the functionality of a digital shift log for production.

  • It serves as a digital shift, unit and machine logbook. Industrial organizations document all relevant activities from the shift comfortably and securely in just one application – the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.
  • Relevant shift notes and deviations are generated effortlessly, either manually or automatically. (ex. Unplanned shutdowns, quality problems, sensor data, safety events. Etc.)
  • ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK enables shift supervisor and personnel to conduct content rich shift handover efficiently. Relevant activities are market and can be, as needed, signed off on digitally.
  • Open issues are tracked and followed up through the shifts.
  • Streamlined user interfaces allow for trouble-free operation. Documentation, templates and text building blocks allow operators to concentrate on their job.
  • Integrated graphical analytics and dashboards allow for a quick and easy overview of the current situation in production.
  • Instructions and activities can be assigned, documented and followed according to user or location.
  • Define checklists for repeating activities allow for an optimal and thorough completion of work.



Problem/Solution Database

Enterprise Logbook | T.CON

Within a company, the same problems tend to return time after time. A lot of time and effort is wasted in finding solutions repeatedly for these recurring problems. Lost knowledge with employees leaving the company further enhances this problem.

How do you guarantee easy access to the solution of a past problem? Even years later with different employees? The Problem/Solution data base incorporated in T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK grants easy access on how problems have been previously solved. This facilitates any issues to be solved swiftly, saving you time and money.


  • Problems and events are tracked with actions and solutions.
  • All events including problem description and solution are selected with an optimized search engine and analyzed. A fuzzy full text search allows for search within error tolerances. All other attributes that are entered as part of the event allow for flexible filtering of results.
  • For events and solutions there are corresponding reviews and comments. Solutions with a high ranking appear higher in the results to be more visible.
  • The analysis enables optimization potential with which current problems will be solved quicker.



Mobile, Intuitive and Efficient

Enterprise Logbook - Mobile, intuitive und efficient |  T.CON

Issues in your company don’t just occur near your desktop computer. To remain agile, modern companies must make use of current technologies such as up-to-date analytics and visual tools. Using mobile devices gives you the necessary flexibility in today’s fast paced economy. Be one step ahead with T.CON’s ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK.


  • Quickly get an overview of your entire company with real-time dashboards and KPIs.
  • Dynamic access to all information on the go: The mobile functionality allows for the entry and view of text, video, picture or audio on the go. Prepopulating of entry fields keeps the data entry to a minimum.
  • System and user rules enable a straightforward way for registering special activities (e.g. via E-Mail alert).

A system built to make users and IT happy.


Malfunctions mean time pressure, and incidents have to be recorded as quickly as possible in order to avoid production grinding to a halt. The plant operator can make use of the predefined text boilerplate available in ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK to record a malfunction with just a few inputs. User-friendly search and filter functions help to make this even easier. The event is recorded as quickly as possible, documented in a tamper-proof system, processed for clarity, and relevant notes and instructions communicated traceably.

For lots of manufacturing businesses, communicating information is a particularly tricky topic, particularly at shift handover time. Employees waste a lot of time analyzing problems and making manual, often redundant, entries in the system. It would be more useful to the business if this time could be put to meaningful use for manufacturing purposes and the core business.

ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK facilitates efficient shift handover, optimizing the interaction between departments and shifts. For example, machine operators in a manufacturing business receive timely and complete information about all relevant events and can respond appropriately. There is a significant reduction in the time spent at the end of the shift collecting up events and making redundant entries. Plus, there is no longer any need to maintain time-consuming Word and Excel documents. Information for shift personnel is transmitted straightforwardly and confirmed with digital signatures where necessary. Unresolved problems can be tracked across multiple shifts.

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