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Enterprise Logbook

Your digital solution for logging events and analyzing shifts.

ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK is a digital shift log and communications hub for the shop floor capable of integrating all the events in your production department. This doesn’t just mean automatically recorded system data: ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK is designed for ease of manual entry. Shift leaders receive all the information they need, at the right time and can act immediately if necessary, or plan the next steps. No more hassle with laboriously updating analog shift logs or Office documents.

Learn from mistakes and avoid future production issues
ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK stabilizes production by providing checklists and instructions to guide workers through their processes. This way, unresolved problems can be tracked across multiple shifts. The recorded information can be used to identify sources of error and determine solution ideas.

The result is a solid foundation your teams can use for developing the right solutions to address issues. Faults or problems with a machine won’t keep recurring once they’ve been identified and recorded in the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK. The logged information ensures they can be repaired quickly if they arise – or even avoided altogether.

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The ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK – digital shift log for the shop floor

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Benefits at a glance

Straightforward event logging

Rapid, efficient shift handover

Tamper-proof documentation

Guided processes and workflows for the CIP


Where does ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK prove its advantages in daily production?


Fix errors quickly
An experienced technician uses their knowledge to fix a recurring problem with a plant. At shift handover, time is short and the incident is not mentioned. The problem recurs during the next shift – and the technician on that shift uses ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK's search function to identify and resolve the issue. Without ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK, that technician would have lost much valuable time simply working on the problem.

Prepare complex orders
The machine operator can query a material number for a production order to see in advance what to plan for next week when the product with this material number comes to production.



Evaluate and assess events
A problem arises with a plant and the machine operator logs the event. ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK automatically shows entries about similar events and possible solutions. Solution approaches that are considered particularly promising are highlighted. The plant operator decides which of the proposed solutions they will use to resolve the problem with the plant.

Guidance for new processes
A machine operator has to manufacture a new product. They receive an instruction checklist created by their supervisor in the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK, complete with explanatory texts and images. They work through it, documenting each of the steps in the checklist in the system and adding their own experiences to the list.

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