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Business processes in the modern enterprise are becoming increasingly complex. Accordingly, we need higher-performing IT systems; after all, we are aiming to digitalize these business processes. That’s the only way to be able to visualize, control, manage and optimize our processes in real time.

It is also useful to create intelligent networks linking ERP, CRM, warehousing, MES and HR systems with performance-boosting technologies, databases and platforms. Some examples:

  • Hybrid platforms and data centers based on SAP and MS
  • Cloud and multi-cloud systems
  • Combinations of on-premises, cloud, and *-as-a-service solutions

You can expect 24/7 operation and access as standard. The aim is to automate processes as far as possible, and let them optimize themselves, using big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This might sound like the pipe dreams of the future, but it’s not.

It’s part of daily business for us, although as we race towards the future, the challenges are becoming barely manageable for corporate IT teams. Innovation cycles are too fast, the daily challenges too varied, the pressure too great. IT teams are often skating on very thin ice.

How can you solve this problem – completely? Outsource to T.CON. We can meet your needs for:

  • IT expertise
  • Process competence
  • SAP expertise
  • Industry familiarity
  • Manpower
  • Focus

Our services are tailored to your requirements: we can handle full set-up and operation of your IT infrastructure, or simply provide support for your own IT teams in their daily work.

We make sure to take into account the needs of all participants – management, IT and controlling:

  • State of the art, powerful, secure IT infrastructure
  • Constant availability + high performance
  • Make you competitive and future-fit
  • Market viability = profitability (CAPEX becomes OPEX)

Any questions? We look forward to chatting about your requirements in person.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling