Digitalize your business processes quickly and easily with T.CON’s CLOUD EDI

This is how CLOUD EDI works

CLOUD EDI with T.CONCLOUD EDI example configuration. The communication adapters mentioned here are just examples.

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What do you think about automatic innovation?

Operating an EDI converter yourself requires good resource planning. You need the right expertise, the right hardware, and the matching software. You need to be sure you have the latest release of the EDI software if you want to guarantee your converter meets the current market requirements. These software updates are often associated with significant costs and time investments — in some cases, you may even have to buy a new license.

With CLOUD.EDI from T.CON, you don't have to waste time worrying about these things!

Our hardware, our software, and our consultants are always fully up to date — and we can always respond to the latest market requirements.


How quickly can you respond to changes in the standards?

The automotive and trade industries have the greatest EDI share. They are highly standardized industries, typically using e.g. the VDA or EDIFact formats. However, even in these standardized situations, changes are constantly being made. For example, in the past, VDA 4905 was the standard for delivery schedules in the automotive industry; now it's been replaced with the newer global CDA 4984 standard. Each change to the guidelines has to be implemented, tested, and rolled out to the live system. T.CON is familiar with the standards and can implement changes to your message formats quickly and efficiently. Over the last few years, we have successfully implemented all well-known EDI formats, such as VDA, EDIFact, ANSI, SAP IDoc, CSV, plus individual in-house formats. With CLOUD EDI, you can concentrate fully on your core business and let T.CON handle the changes for you.

Is on-boarding your customers and suppliers time-consuming for you?

Say a new customer needs to be linked into your ERP system via EDI. This is often associated with a time-consuming process — exchanging pre-defined formats, setting up communications with your customer, creating mappings, testing the connection and messages, and finally going live with the message exchange. It’s often necessary to exchange several message types with a customer, meaning this process is multiplied up multiple times, and several man-days are soon lost. Let T.CON handle the complete on-boarding process for you: You specify your customers and suppliers, and we manage the remainder of the process right through to the live roll-out.


Link up your customers or suppliers regardless of which ERP system you and your partners use. CLOUD EDI is platform-independent.


Do you need to implement ZUGFeRD or XRechnung?

As the digital transformation continues, the way we communicate with the authorities is also changing. Other businesses, too, have recognized the advantages that ZUGFeRD or XRechnung can bring them. With reduced process runtimes and the ability to do away with paper, printing and postage costs, these formats are gaining increasing popularity. T.CON uses the CLOUD EDI invoice adapters to implement these formats for you and quickly connect up your partners. You can gradually forget about problems media failures, and guarantee your invoices are with the recipient almost instantly.

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