Manufacturing and Production

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Manufacturing and Production

One production process, lots of dated systems. At lots of plants, that’s the reality. As a consequence, they face numerous media disruptions and high maintenance costs. And, ultimately, employees are taken away from their real tasks. Complex production and products add further hurdles to the working day.

In many cases, it can be practical to make the break from the unwieldy jumble of outdated systems and re-establish production on a fresh foundation. T.CON, the digitalization partner for production environments, provides support for this process.

We focus on replacing isolated solutions with products that you can seamlessly integrate into your SAP landscape, and which stand out for their simple usability. Interface connections improve consistency and reduce media disruption.

We have products to suit all parts of your production environment: production itself, maintenance scheduling, idle time management, etc. Our applications are not proprietary and can be maintained by anyone. We will also be happy to advise you about which products are best suited to your situation, and even carry out installations of new applications for you, leaving your plant employees to focus on their own work.


Our fully-integrated solution for trim optimization saves you time and money

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Share critical information and results in a central location

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The award-winning, tested, lean solution for optimizing your maintenance processes


The latest generation manufacturing execution system

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