Product lifecycle and costing

Product lifecycle and costing - T.CON

Product lifecycle and costing

Are you looking for a software solution to help you calculate cost objectives?

T.CON’s PLC-COCKPIT is a product lifecycle costing solution that integrates into SAP ERP. Our customers from the discrete manufacturing sector have been using our product for years to estimate costs for their complex components. Controlling, Sales, Purchasing, Costing and Management maintain a homogeneous view of customer inquiries. By modeling query packages and simulating quantity and factory scenarios, you can create well-founded evaluations for customer inquiries in a flash.



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  • The PLC-COCKPIT establishes a homogeneous data basis for estimating, comparing, and – in future – systematically evaluating product costs with full IT support.

    Director of Controlling

    Rheinmetall Automotive AG

Advantages for IT and project management

  • SAP technology, mastered by you. Virtually cost-free to install and maintain.
  • Not resource hungry, low costs with implementation in four to six months.
  • Excellent integration means zero-interface costing through the PLC-COCKPIT for all production scenarios in your SAP system.

Advantages for Controlling, Sales, Purchasing, Costing and Management

  • Efficient product costing
  • Transparency for customer inquiries
  • Accelerated workflows
  • Power up decision making with key figures
  • Simple with flexible interfaces


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Product Lead Product Lifecycle Costing

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