PLC services

PLC services

Good product costing gives you competitive advantages and security during project risk assessments. What seem like mere minor mistakes at the costing stage can have fatal consequences for your profit, particularly in long-term relationships. Product costing is multifaceted, and generally needs to be considered separately for each business area or product group. The numerous business areas involved (Controlling, Sales, Purchasing, Master data management, Development, Construction) can result in a highly opaque and protracted process.

PLC-COCKPIT aims to help you implement the best possible product costing process and thus ensure maximum added value when costing your business cases.

Product costing for your sector

What does costing for flexible packaging for the grocery market have in common with costing welding components for private vehicles? Not a lot, to be honest. Different markets require different cost processes. Materials, manufacturing complexity, competitive environment, target groups... There are so many variables that go into determining the price you can achieve, your costs, and thus your margins.

Our team understands just where the shoe pinches and has created PLC-COCKPIT with integrated best practices to allow you to take a targeted approach to the requirements of your specific markets. You receive an individually customized interface design (high user satisfaction guaranteed), plus an optimized product costing process giving you standardized results that can be understood and interpreted right across the board – even for global arrangements. All with full upgrade capacity. Guaranteed.


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Full SAP ERP and S/4HANA integration

How is your data currently incorporated in your costing processes – manually, through an interface, unidirectionally, bidirectionally, or stored redundantly? What happens if data in the various systems change? When will employees at other locations find out about the changes? Do you already have a stable company-wide product costing process? As a specialist in SAP applications, we are fully familiar with the data structures within your SAP systems.

The PLC-COCKPIT will become a fixed component of your ERP system and has a customization structure you are already familiar with. We make use of your existing data basis and apply all relevant standards, e.g. from PP, PS and CO (materials, bills of materials, cost centers, task schedules, internal orders, PSP elements, ...). PLC-COCKPIT can be simply integrated into your existing BI strategy. We work with you to design a system with no interfaces, no redundancy, a sensible permissions system, clean change logs and high global accessibility.

Globalization and product costing

Do you currently have to battle with various tools when working on product costing? Is it difficult to get an overall evaluation of your business cases across all your sites and business areas? Our goal is always to maintain the big picture for your corporate group, i. e. to implement group-wide costing for our customers.

Harmonization is vital when designing your master costing process. By developing a secure foundation developed with an eye to the long view, you can be sure of a good basis for flexibly handling product costing requirements in your markets for years to come.

Maintenance and support

Benefit from others. Make use of industry expertise. Receive unconventional help. These are the major maintenance and support themes. We offer you investment security and risk minimization through regular program updates and ongoing development of our PLC-COCKPIT. Let our expertise become your expertise. It goes without saying that our support team will be available any time for questions about day-to-day use of the system or to offer user training.

In fact, though, since the solution is based on SAP technology, you will find that your internal support team can offer rapid help, leaving you largely independent of our support team. Thanks to SAP ERP integration, the PLC-COCKPIT plugs seamlessly into your system environment and makes you the master of your costing data. Through your SAP Competence Center, you have unrestricted access to source code, customization and applications.

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