PLC software

PLC software

The spectrum is broad. It starts from simple quote estimates (which previously could perhaps have been modeled right inside the ERP system) and ranges right through to complex business cases that were typically costed with Excel spreadsheets. You can even model the entire product creation process.

User experience is just as important as functionality to successful software. By focusing on our users when creating all our projects, we can make sure we meet their requirements for user-friendly interface designs.


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SAP Add-on

SAP Add-on


Product costing fully integrated in your SAP system environment. Maximum use of the standards in your ERP or S/4HANA system. Future-proof technology from Walldorf that you can support in-house. This describes the technical approach for the PLC-COCKPIT: a scalable, flexible application facilitating superb interaction with other SAP components such as PS (Project System), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PPM (Portfolio and Project Management).

Thanks to SAP ERP integration, the PLC-COCKPIT plugs seamlessly into your system environment and makes you the master of your costing data. Through your SAP Competence Center, you have unrestricted access to source code, customization and applications.

Idea to Production

Idea to Production

Transparency thanks to optimized product costing

Transparency along the entire route from product idea to nomination through your customers – now we’re talking. It often takes years to reach a SOP, traveling through numerous hoops and overcoming approval hurdles. Currency risks, fluctuating raw material costs, sanctions and embargo lists, rising costs for energy and personnel are just a few of the factors that affect your cost journey. PLC-COCKPIT ensures you have comprehensive cost-related documentation throughout the product creation process and cogent arguments for new cost evaluations.

Reliable figures at product and package level (combined costing) assist you on the journey to project award and indicate which conditions would justify the investment of potentially millions in production facilities, sites and development. You can specify or adjust precise definitions for key indicators such as EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes), NPV (net present value) and IRR (internal rate of return) and even define new key indicators.

Templates und Datenbasis


Simple and fast costing

Are your quote deadlines getting tighter all the time? Are your customers getting increasingly creative about combinations they’d like to see? Do you want to process most of your inquiries even though you know that they are unlikely to result in orders? There’s nothing magical about fast processing.

PLC-COCKPIT makes full use of a well-founded data basis from your ERP system and a system of costing templates. Arbitrary graduated costing, simple component costing, changing product characteristics (variant configuration) or target costing (target costing) allow timely submissions and thus automatically increase your customer orientation.

PLC-COCKPIT gives you the flexibility and security of customization tailored to your product costing – while leaving your users plenty of degrees of freedom to ensure timely costing results can be obtained even if no master data is available. Plus, of course, you can structure and display your costings individually.

Varianten und Simulationen


Secure decisions

Are there alternative materials or supply sources? What resources could be used to produce the individual parts? Which location is most suitable for production? What is the planned take rate for the variants requested? Every business case throws up numerous questions, which translate into a vast range of options, all with significant consequences for your EBIT. We visualize current and simulated business case results at each phase of the RFQ process.

You can choose between simply using already-implemented VC-features of your SAP ERP system to define variants, or assigning materials and components to individual variants in a clear visualization. Define individual query packages, follow the cost journey and evaluate the different acceptance scenarios.


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