Whether an Industry-Specific Requirement or a Custom Task: We Will Provide the Right Solution.

T.CON is THE company to go to when you have to optimize processes and business processes at your company and use resources as efficiently as possible.

Our recipe for success is no secret.

We analyze recurring tasks and problems, develop sophisticated SAP-based solutions, and bring them to life. The elements that prove to be of value are incorporated into our portfolio and developed further. This has allowed us to develop a series of task-oriented standard packages with functionalities and advantages that have been tested and confirmed time and time again.

As part of our approach, we take full advantage of SAP's functionality and achieve maximum performance and functionality while ensuring minimal interface losses, all with a level of effort and expenses that is markedly moderate.

Examples of our SAP-based proprietary developments:

  • Mobile maintenance / Standard maintenance
  • Internet-based consignment stock processing
  • Timber procurement
  • Mobile data collection
  • Storage location planning
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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling