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Corporate Governance

Make the right decisions – based on visions AND knowledge.

The best entrepreneurs of the past were visionaries. They had to be, as they often lacked data or information that would enable them to make knowledge-based decisions. Today’s entrepreneurs might well still be visionaries. However, the smart ones also exploit the opportunities of the digital revolution.

The modern “real-time data enterprise” builds on the Internet of Things and the possibilities of big data to create and consolidate data pools. This data is transformed into ongoing real-time evaluations and predictions thanks to innovative analysis techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The result: real-time data flows continuously into decision processes. Nowadays, you can establish the current situation, adapt your processes and visualize the results with essentially no delay at all. Benefit from agile decision-making processes and reliably manage your future success – now.

Unternehmensführung - T.CON Team Consulting

Corporate Management

To steer a ship, you need to know your destination, the correct course to set, and your current position. The same holds true for small and mediem sized enterprises (SMEs). The corporate financial planning defines the destination; the business plan specifies the precise course. The reporting system tells you where you stand right now. The current values must be checked continuously against the targets (position and destination). Up to now, that has always meant significant manual work and long waits for results that often arrive too late. However, the modern captain of a “real-time data enterprise” always knows where they are and where they are heading. Today’s captain always has a clear overview of all relevant data on his dashboard.

System-controlled planning and automated reporting form a loop that automatically calculates, corrects and monitors the captain’s course constantly, in real time. Are you ready to become a “real-time data enterprise”? We put the digital toolbox to work for you and manage design, development and implementation of your reporting strategy – including support.

Enterprise Analytics

It’s not just at the production level where you need access in just a few clicks to key performance indicators and critical information. At corporate and group level, knowledge is the deciding factor in the battle for competitive advantages and new markets.

The interests of different stakeholders have to be met. Data governance, data quality and rapid accessibility take priority. The Data Catalog generates meaningful reports, analyses, information and metadata for the user and data scientist: Who is responsible? What is the data quality like? What is the origin of the data? How recent is it?

Short paths ensure that the right data reaches the right place at the right time – and in the right form.

Ideally, as a self-service – you don’t want to have to wait for IT or a particular department when you need information.

If you want to create a reliable system of this sort, in-depth process knowledge is essential. We have it: expertise combined with a wealth of experience in the corporate environment. We develop lean, agile and reliable implementations for e.g. major global projects. We supply everything from a single source: initial consulting, the SAP base, and right through to your tailored implementation

Employee Management and Development

“We have work, but no workers” – the lament of many German businesses just now. A lack of skilled professionals is holding back progress and creating a bottleneck that reduces growth of the German economy by up to 0.9% annually. What can we do? Make the best use of the available personnel resources, increase the added value of our employees, and give them positive reasons to keep them bound to the company.

Complex tasks require intelligent solutions. We link up our IT and HR expertise to create software you can use to optimize your HR processes and make them more effective.

The results: high performance, agile processes for your HR, talent management and change management divisions. Promote leadership qualities in your company and offer individual, goal-oriented support to your employees.

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