Logistics and EWM/TM

Logistik und EWM / TM - T.CON Team Consulting

Logistics and EWM/TM

The digital transformation impacts every operational function in your company, but especially logistics. IoT, big data and blockchain have the potential to revolutionize the market. And you can always make your supply chain more efficient and more transparent by playing your cards right. Digitization is your trump card for transport management (TM), extended warehouse management (EWM), consignment management and external trade. We give you the right cards to play. TM allows you to control all your transport processes, from planning the transport right through to invoicing.

TM is one of the components of SAP’s integrated Supply Chain Execution platform, along with EWM. SAP EWM provides flexible, automated support for handling all goods movements and managing your inventory. Our web-based CONSIGMENT WAREHOUSE solution automates your consignment processes and invoicing, and secures you impressive time savings. Also, foreign trade processes can be simplified and (performance) limits exceeded. We will set you on the path: first, transformation; then, innovation.

Logistik und EWM/TM - T.CON Team Consulting


The goal of every distribution specialist is to ensure timely, accurate shipments with highly automated shipment processing, efficient in costs and time. We go above and beyond to provide you that and so much more. That’s what T.CON’s SAP ERP application “Transportation Management” (TM) and individual consulting solutions bring to the table. SAP TM can do everything LET-RA was able to – and more.

  • TM is a centralized solution for transport logistics, offering a wide range of extended functionality and improved user friendliness.
  • TM makes the transport route transparent: from the supplier to you and from you to your carrier.
  • TM facilitates precise planning, shipment and invoicing for your cargos, with real-time monitoring.

TM is tightly interconnected with the warehouse management system (SAP EWM). Our expert consultants will advise you on which solution approach has the most advantages for you: embedded or side-by-side solution, basic version or advanced? They have the necessary process and industry expertise to help you make the right decision.

Warehouse Management

If you want your logistics processes to run on time and economically, efficient warehouse management is a must. SAP Warehouse Management (WM) came in operation back in the days of SAP R2. After over 30 years, support for the software will cease in 2025. Fortunately, its successor, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), is already here – and even more dynamic. The new warehouse management solution came on the market in 2006 and has been continually developed since then. It now has considerably more functionality than its predecessor.

With modern user interfaces, it is also much easier to use. SAP Extended Warehouse Management is available in either a Basic or an Advanced version and can be installed embedded or as a side-by-side solution. Individual configurations can also be implemented. We offer you comprehensive guidance, process expertise and industry experience to help you decide which solution approach will bring the greatest added value for your individual situation.

Consignment processing

A consignment warehouse has a lot of advantages: as a supplier, you have a permanent supply line for your customer and significantly improve your customer retention. At the same time, your storage costs and planning expenses for transports are reduced. For your customer, this means that they do not incur logistical risks such as delayed deliveries. They have direct access to the parts and materials they need and can enjoy short pathways to make their processes faster and cheaper. The challenge is to achieve transparency. The traditional consumption report and subsequent invoicing using standard tools such as Excel lists, email and telephone are highly time-consuming and error-prone.

With our web-based solution, you can automate the consignment process and invoicing almost entirely and enjoy fabulous time savings:

  • On average two days a month – for your customer!
  • On average three days a month – for you!

In addition, recording errors can easily be checked and significantly reduced.

Foreign Trade

As a logistics manager and distributor, you also want to achieve your full potential in your foreign trade. As well as better customer service, savings on IT resources and lower costs, you want to improve the speed and have full control of your change process. SAP offers consulting solutions and products to achieve these goals for foreign trade – and the sky is the limit.

  • Import and export management as an all-round service package
  • Trade compliance management for risk minimization
  • Highly-available, stable, user-friendly Cloud solutions
  • Transport and freight management for optimized transport partner management
  • Supply chain collaboration for frictionless collaboration
  • Perfect integration in your SAP ERP system


Transition EWM - T.CON Team Consulting

EWM transition

SAP Warehouse Management (WM) already came in operation back in the days of SAP R2. After over 30 years, support for the software will finally cease in 2025. Fortunately, its successor is already here: SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). The new warehouse management solution came to the market in 2006 and has been continually developed since then. It now has a considerably broader scope of services than its predecessor. SAP EWM provides flexible, automated support for handling all goods movements and managing your inventory.

Transition TM - T.CON Team Consulting

TM transition

Logistics are vital. There is virtually no other field where the digital transformation has such far-reaching effects. Digital technologies such as IoT, big data and blockchain have the potential to make supply chains more efficient and more transparent. Benefit from these modern technologies with SAP Transport Management. At the same time, the software allows you to manage all transport processing, from planning through to final invoicing, regardless of the chosen transport method. SAP TM is also a solution for integrated handling of the transport process and integral to the SAP Supply Chain Execution platform.

Digitale Lieferkette - T.CON Team Consulting

Digital supply chain

Market disruptions and growing consumer expectations put major challenges on your business. In order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements, you need a supply chain that can be adapted quickly to new circumstances. That is, a supply chain that acts as an end-to-end value chain: From the initial product design right through manufacturing, delivery and operation of the products. All sections of this digital supply chain must be linked together and integrated. Then you can fully exploit the possibilities of digital technologies and get into the best position to meet the challenges the future holds.

Ihr ERP lernt sehen - T.CON Team Consulting

Give your ERP eyes

A smart company stands out by using systems that can autonomously record, process and react to information. We could say that the computers in these organizations can almost see, think, and act. If you think that these technologies are just futuristic dreams – think again. As part of a partnership with Dallmeier, T.CON can teach your ERP system to see – today. Real images of the world can be automatically integrated into your digital business processes. The result is improved productivity and seamless integration with your existing processes.

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