Network­ing & Auto­mation

Vernetzung & Automatisierung - T.CON Team Consulting

Networking and Automation

Get the most out of digitization

Production businesses strive towards economy and profitability. Without exploiting digitization and its benefits, these goals will simply not be achievable in future: Industry 4.0 can’t be ignored. SAP and their ERP solutions perfectly cater to corporate entities. Small and medium-sized companies with individual processes and requirements can turn to us: T.CON.

Industry 4.0 encompasses two important trends: networking and automation. New digital technologies handle complete networking of machines, systems, processes, platforms and people. Innovative solutions automate and optimize workflows.

This means:

  • Maximum output with reduced input
  • Standardized interfaces and less interface loss
  • IT security
  • Efficient human-machine communication and interaction
  • Individual production up to batch size 1
  • Smart evaluation of big data
  • Customer satisfaction
Vernetzung und Automatisierung - T.CON Team Consulting

Custom Design and Development

Successful projects need agile processes, starting from requirements analysis and the initial idea, right through design and validation to successful implementation of the chosen solutions. That’s what we do: we exploit the possibilities of digitization and state-of-the-art user experience expertise, for your benefit, one step at a time.

  • Digitalize all your manual, time-intensive, costly processes
  • Simplify complex applications and do away with high training costs
  • Maximize usability and user experience, minimize erroneous inputs and error correction costs

Standard software simply can’t meet all these demanding requirements. That’s where our innovative individual applications come in – with a strong focus on the end user.

Innovation techniques

Want to be innovative? Then you need creative minds with brilliant ideas, well-established techniques and the right tools. That might sound obvious and even simple, but in practice, and especially in software development, innovation is beset with huge challenges. It’s often unclear why changes need to be made. The driving forces for many businesses are strengthening their own competitiveness and exploiting growth potentials.

In fact, they are actively looking for the opportunities of the future. The term “innovation” describes the desire for a business to focus on itself and the market and create products and processes that are fit for the future. Our committed team of experts works with you to identify potential for your successful future and transform it into opportunity.

Platform Technology

Everyone and everything thinks. Businesses think, factories think, machines think. We have built up a lot of knowledge, which we can use to create something concrete. Something big, with added value. Something we can use to manufacture things, to optimize processes, to achieve goals. We provide the technologies you need – with a strong foundation that everything else, be it man, machine, or business process, is built on. Intelligent and networked. Big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning have suddenly shifted from fantastic visions to practical aids in operative processes.

We link the stability and knowledge contained in your on-premises systems with the intelligence and innovation turbo-drive of these fascinating platforms.

We understand your technologies, your processes, your industries. We understand you. Let us create the link.

Our solutions:

Data Exchange and Integration

Interfaces for data exchange between SAP systems and applications are indispensable, but too many interfaces slow down your process chain. We optimize processes – for example, by creating closer links between existing systems and thus reducing the number of interfaces. You no longer have to reenter the same data at several interfaces; you save time and reduces opportunities for error. These simplified, more effective workflows increase employee satisfaction at the same time as data quality. At the same time, the risk of data loss is reduced. Lots of production environments have a wide variety of isolated solutions that are not optimally networked.

This costs time and leads to errors. We reduce the uncontrolled sprawl of system growth and establish optimized communications, including between SAP and non-SAP systems. By optimizing workflows and reducing interface losses and redundant processes, you generate positive effects for the overall performance in your business processes. To help you achieve this goal, we offer:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Support
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