MES Software

MES Software

MES CAT enables Smart Manufacturing with ease

Benefit from our scalable Manufacturing Execution System based on SAP NetWeaver.

What if you could plan, manage and optimize your entire production with ease? That's exactly what our MES CAT solution stands for. We enable you to gain full transparency of your production processes available always at your fingertips, so you can focus more on your business goals.

With T.CON's newest generation MES, you can achieve maximum efficiency. It is designed to optimize production and streamline internal operations while providing the best possible transparency and traceability for all production steps and products. Nevertheless, you still benefit from complete data consistency to every corner of your system.

State of the art technology, integration, flexibility and future proof - there are many requirements for a newest generation MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management). Especially the complete integration into the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) becomes increasingly more important. ERP and MES are increasingly more integrated; a clear boundary between the two systems becomes more and more difficult to define. The integration of ERP and MES leads to a number of synergies and redundant elements, such as a third party inventory management, quality management or planning within MES are not required. Processes that expect data in real time from the MES system can be easily presented. Many functions that are offered by SAP as services are available in MES CAT in form of user-friendly input templates that are consequently aligned to the user requirements. In addition, T.CON expands the SAP services by industry specific functions and ensures that redundant data is avoided.

MES CAT Software - T.CON
MES CAT functionality - T.CON

MES CAT Functionality - The Look and Feel of MES CAT

Have the power of an integrated IT system with a user interface built for a production environment using a modern intuitive experience. MES CAT can run on any modern browser and can be operated via touch interface.




MES CAT offline capability - T.CON

MES CAT Offline Capability

For companies with multiple locations and a worldwide presence, it is important that production can continue despite losing connection with the central IT system. MES CAT was designed with this issue at heart and convinces with its offline capability. If the connect to your central ERP system is lost, the most recent planning and order information as well as any production data is stored on the local MES CAT installation. Each MES instillation runs on its own SAP NetWeaver instance and once the connect is reestablished, all data is seamlessly transferred back to the central system.

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MES CAT Module - T.CON

Modules for MES CAT

The entire MES CAT Suite has a broad spectrum of valuable solutions for any production environment. It fulfills all the requirements for a modern MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) system. We have built a modular system with our customer's needs at heart. You can pick and choose which modules work best for you. It also allows you to prepare your system for the future: you can easily add modules as you need them.


MES CAT Module Execution - T.CON

CAT Execution - The heart of MES CAT

Our newest generation MES CAT is the foundation for capturing data and bringing transparency to production processes. Fully integrated into SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, it allows for an all-encompassing view of your production. Find out how you can benefit from our MES CAT Execution solution.



MES CAT Module Analytics - T.CON

CAT Analytics - Visualize your production

You want the reporting for your entire production at one glance? Not only is your data handy in one place, with MES CAT analytics it is possible to visualize, review, track and trace your entire production. Discover the possibilities our CAT Analytics offers you.



MES CAT Module CAT Quality - T.CON

CAT Quality - Stay ahead with your production quality

Stay on top of production and reach for true optimization by connecting external systems (e.g. sensor, camera systems, laboratory systems). MES CAT Quality uses only up-to-date data, so you can stay on top of production without investing a lot of time.



MES CAT Module CAT Connect - T.CON

CAT Connect - We connect you to your equipment

With the number of systems and interfaces in a typical production process, it is a challenge to get all this data in one location. With the CAT Connect module of MES CAT, it is possible to integrate and automate any number of machine and system connections. This is how you can benefit from the advantages CAT Connect offers:



MES CAT Module CAT Warehouse - T.CON

CAT Warehouse - Up to date warehouse management

Stay competitive by increasing efficiency of your production processes through end-to-end traceability of all products. Staying on top of raw material and product stock levels has never been so easy! Find out how you can optimize your inventory management with CAT Warehouse.



MES CAT Module CAT Real Time Services - T.CON

CAT Real-Time Services

MES CAT keeps track of many topics. Event monitor, event trigger and energy consumption during the production process are carried out within the tool. Energy consumption is completed using standard SAP interfaces (i.e. SAP Plant Connectivity Tool). You can easily get an overview of the current energy consumption of an entire work center or you can check only the data from an individual energy meter. For your convenience, the energy consumption is linked with production data, which enables you to identify the energy consumption during production. Using this data, MES CAT displays not only the current energy consumption but also historical data for this batch.




MES CAT Module CAT Maintenance - T.CON

CAT Maintenance - Reduce unscheduled downtimes and the associated costs through preventive maintenance.

You don't have to accept unscheduled downtimes in your production as an unavoidable cost. You can easily optimize the maintenance of your production lines, machinery and devices with our MES CAT module CAT maintenance. Significantly minimize quality issues, waste and other sources of loss to remain competitive. Reducing all forms of inefficiency and reduce capital investment by maximizing the use of existing assets has never been so easy.

Using the CAT Maintenance module, it is possible link production directly with maintenance. Using the module, it is possible to be on top of preventive maintenance, spare part consumption, downtime tracking all while using modern interfaces such as RFID scanning.



MES CAT Module CAT Planning - T.CON

CAT Planning - Efficiency and reliability through flawless planning

In order to be ahead of your competition, you need the flexibility to quickly adjust to your customer's needs. Our MES CAT Planning module enables you to improve delivery reliability through improved flexibility in production. Easily maintain transparency throughout the entire planning process and have a valuable overview over your entire production at your fingertips. The MES CAT Planning module also allows for diverse planning strategies such as “Making to Stock” (MTS), “Making to Order” (MTO), grouping orders to a lot, finites scheduling as well as unplanned orders.



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