MES CAT Execution

MES CAT Execution

CAT Execution — the core of MES CAT

Smooth bookings and postings, thanks to CAT Execution, operating fully automatically in the background. With all the benefits of seamless SAP integration.

MES CAT Execution


MES CAT Execution is responsible for smooth bookings and postings, operating fully automatically in the background. The manufacturing information flow is reflected in the IT system, which handles the flow of captured data onward from the supply chain. This means that you can view information about the progress of your manufacturing orders at any time, while at the same time creating the foundations for a business assessment of your company’s production processes. MES CAT runs in parallel with production and fulfills all special requirements for recording dialogs, user interface, and plausibility checks on user inputs.

By integrating MES CAT in SCM and ERP, you establish a basis for comprehensive data consistency and transparency. Embedded in your SAP system environment, MES CAT provides you with full transparency for all steps in your value chain. MES CAT also comes with standard integration in SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA systems.


The posting monitor, one of our in-house developments, ensures that when updates are logged in MES CAT at the same time as updates are taking place in the background, everything is booked in the ERP system in the correct order. This might include, for example, information about balances, time recordings or material postings. This means that the system can be freely used by several people simultaneously. Individual users don't lock each other out of the system. This tremendously facilitates daily operations and bears great advantages in terms of smart manufacturing.

MES CAT was designed particularly with production staff in mind. Every individual can access an easy-to-understand data set simplified for his or her area of responsibility:

The order deadlines and quality parameters specified by production planning are forwarded to CAT Execution and controlled and processed from there. Immediate identification and recording of production arrears means that an immediate response is possible. For this, it is particularly important to monitor the essential KPIs, such as OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) or the production timeline from the last few days. A production control center provides an overview of the current status to all responsible production staff (e.g. Planning, Production Manager). This means that you can easily see whether or not production is proceeding according to plan.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Each step in the value chain is reproduced in MES, along with its production data.
  • The resulting manufactured objects are fully identifiable and traceable at any time (traceability).
  • Balance sheets are rapidly available for every workstation, along with associated time statements.
  • Company reporting functions are faster and more exact.
  • The data entry dialog can be used during production to feed information back directly to manufacturing orders.
  • The overview of production progress becomes more exact and production planning more efficient.
  • Significantly less manual effort to establish agreements between employees.
  • Linking up registered manufactured objects with quality records facilitates a quantitative production quality assessment.
  • The production process becomes transparent.

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