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MES CAT Planning - T.CON

CAT Planning - Efficiency and reliability through flawless planning

MES CAT Planning - T.CON



It’s eight o’ clock at night. It’s the weekend, and you’re in Production. You notice that the material is too far away from the machine, or it can't be used. You want to avoid downtime — indeed, you must. There’s some material available for an upcoming order next week, which would also be suitable for the current order. The only problem: The responsible person from Planning has left the factory. What do you do?

CAT Planning lets you carry out short-term rescheduling of orders. It is a planning tool for manufacturing management and fine planning, which can supplement your production planning in the ERP and SCM system. That is: CAT Planning simplifies your complex production planning system.

Sequential planning is possible on a per-resource basis, along with other optimization options. You can use the system for manufacturing management to plan at all levels of granularity, based on current resource availability. This means that production processes can keep running efficiently, rapidly, and flexibly even in the face of interruptions.

You can visualize resources and their current configuration in terms of groups of systems, machines or workstations, so as to best reflect the structure in Production.

Capacities are outlined and shown against capacity requirements. Sequencing, utilizations and deadlines can be planned and tracked along the temporal axis. This puts you in prime position to react quickly if there are short-term changes in actual capacity or orders.


Various monitoring functions are also available to provide you with an up to date overview of Production at any time. So, for example, your user can look at an overview of current orders in Production, order progress, machine statuses, etc.


  • Fully integrated in your SAP system
  • Simplifies complex production planning
  • Flexible sequence planning
  • React quickly to unexpected situations

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