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Less downtime and more throughput with the latest generation MES Suite. Your path to Smart Manufacturing made easy with MES CAT.

To guarantee on-time deliveries, less waste and shorter set-up and idle times, you need precise planning, covering upstream and downstream processes. Most of the time, the processing stage in a plant is in itself fairly quick.
As the pressures of competition and costs increase, manufacturers need solutions that can automate their complex processes, and make planning less cost-intensive and more transparent.

With MES CAT, production managers and other decision-makers can trace every step along the value chain and link each stage with the associated production data. Processes can be seamlessly identified through every stage of the supply chain, from order processing through raw materials purchasing to delivery of the product.

With high productn quality, little rework and few complaints, your costs are automatically kept down. Workers have more time for their key tasks. The result: productivity and profitability are increased. When your company is using MES CAT, you are working with software capable of responding to dynamic markets and individual customer requirements.

You maintain an overview of production at all times, wherever you are. Our system is fully based on SAP technology and that makes integrating it in your system landscape completely straightforward.
In addition, the system has offline capability, meaning that production can continue to operate even if data lines go down or while essential upgrades are being installed in the ERP system.  

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MES CAT – A system for your production workers.

Thanks to mobile devices with touchscreens your production workers can use the system without taking off their gloves. Information and safety instructions can be adapted for individual workers, specific tasks and work centers. Information displays and control elements can be configured individually for production.


MES software customized for your corporate culture.

It’s important to be able to switch between different languages, particularly in an international environment. With MES CAT, switching languages is as simple as it gets. You can localize specific terminology, jargon or expressions and customize the wording to match your corporate culture. Consequently, your workers will recognize familiar phrases and terms and will feel at ease with the software from the start.


MES CAT informs and assists your employees when errors occur.

When errors occur, your workers need to realize straight away that something has gone wrong. Unmissable alert windows pop up immediately with detailed information. Displays with powerful signal effects help your workers when these errors occur. Plausibility and field checks prevent false or invalid inputs. Your production workers can focus on their work, while MES CAT supplies all the information they need.




MES CAT is built as a modular software and can be flexibly customized to meet your individual requirements. Find out more about the individual modules and their strengths.


MES CAT Execution - T.CON


The core of MES CAT

Easy data capture and transparent views of all production processes. MES CAT Execution is integrated into SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP systems to ensure that postings are carried out fully automatically in the background, while you have a comprehensive view of production.


Evaluation and reporting

Extensive product and process data is generated by production; this must be adapted to the specific recipient’s needs if it is to provide meaningful information. The Analytics module enables you to view, check and track data in one centralized location.




MES CAT Quality - T.CON


Avoid errors with quality management

Obtain an overview of production and truly optimize by linking in external systems (e.g. sensors, camera systems, lab systems).

MES CAT Connect - T.CON


Link machines to measurement and control systems

Today’s factories have numerous machines and interfaces, making it a challenge to maintain all your data in one centralized location. With the Connect module, you can integrate and automate arbitrarily many machine and plant connections.




MES CAT Warehouse - T.CON


Automated warehouse processes

If you manufacture and warehouse numerous products and variants, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Use the Warehouse module to stay on top of your inventory – raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods – and automate warehouse processes.

MES CAT Maintenance - T.CON


Plan maintenance before production grinds to a halt

The Maintenance module links your production systems directly to maintenance teams. It manages preventive maintenance, consumption of wear parts and monitoring production downtimes, and also includes modern interfaces such as RFID scanners.




MES CAT Realtime Services - T.CON


Integrated real-time data

Integrate customized real-time services, e.g. energy data management, into your analyses at any time, based on your specific requirements. Use the module to open up new potential by evaluating data from pressure, flow or temperature sensors, to help you understand the ramifications of particular decisions – e.g. on consumption costs or production quality.  For example, the energy peaks resulting from starting up a machine can be timed to avoid periods when electricity is particularly expensive.


MES CAT Planning - T.CON


Production planning

The Planning module brings transparency to your production systems; you can implement different planning strategies simultaneously, based on your requirements. For example, the module can easily plan for “Making to Stock” (MTS”, “Making to Order” (MTO)), grouping orders, fine-grained deadlines or unplanned orders. Use the module to simplify your complex production planning.

What can MES CAT do for you

Key Benefits

Key Benefits:

  • Enables fast, streamlined order processing
  • Short setup time and little downtime
  • Higher capacity and output
  • Fewer delivery delays
  • Guaranteed no deliveries of defective goods
  • Complete and proper product documentation
  • Transparent inventory management
  • Automated data entry by data connections to machines
  • Focus on quality and meeting specifications
  • Improved availability by preventive maintenance
  • Analytical viewpoint based on KPIs Intuitive, comfortable UI



  • Designed for companies producing items with many variants
  • Available on all work stations in the production process, improving daily practices and workforce collaboration - Integrates warehouse management
  • Indicates problems with input material
  • Suspends goods or WIP based on quality status
  • Associates errors and waste to their place of origin
  • Customers' material description can be included and listed
  • Transparent incoming goods functions for SAP ERP
  • All logs from incoming goods to production order are made adjusted
  • Collects and identifies incoming external material for further processing
  • Simplifies incoming goods processing by using mobile terminals
  • Inventory is automatically updated online (incoming goods and consumption) MES CAT from T.CON utilizes state of the art technology with full integration to control and monitor production in real-time.
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